Google Tensor Chips Launched and You Can Literally Eat One Of Them

Google Tensor Chips

With the upcoming Google Pixel 6, there’s much to change, including everything on the inside too. The biggest change that we get to see this time is the new Google Tensor Chips, which replaces the Qualcomm SOC used by Google previously in their devices.

Google Tensor Chips

Now, what’s so special about the new chips and wait! There’s more than their importance; we got to talk about how Google is marketing their new chips as well (Shh… It’s both hilarious and genius at the same time).

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Coming back to the specifications of the new Tensor chips, they will bring in several improvements in the lifecycle of the Google Pixel phones. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • The new chips will be quite powerful and optimized to the core and would work perfectly with the Pixel phones, producing fewer bugs.
  • The optimization will also affect battery life, and we’ll be seeing a much longer duration for the devices being used.
  • Google will be able to keep the device working for a longer period with updates as they’ll be the ones in control of the whole architecture and not be dependent on the support from third-party SOC.
  • New chips bring more computing power, which would mean an upgraded Voice assistant as they have a dedicated core assigned for that only.
  • Camera sensors and chip optimization in the Pixel 6 would bring in a new camera style with enhanced capacities from the Tenor integration.

Google Launched ‘Literal’ Chips For Advertisement Purposes

Yes! They brought in two new products to the market, one is Tenor Chips that goes into the devices, and the other one is Google Original Chips that goes into your belly and are made of potatoes.

This step has been taken as a method of surrogate marketing. Usually, the alcohol and tobacco brands use this to launch a product in their name, which is unrelated to their field, to make a name for the brand.

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But Google here is using it either as a joke or as a way of promoting their launch of new chips (both kinds).

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