Google Meet App Coming Up With These Exciting New Features


Google Meet App has been one of the key players to rise in this pandemic as all we had in the name of meetings and get together is video conferencing. Now, in order to make the experience even better,  Google Meet App has decided to add new features to their array.

Starting from an upcoming updated UI to whatnot, Google Meet have lot of new features in their bag. Let’s uncover and check it all out.


Google Meet App

Let’s uncover New Features in Google Meet App

Hand Raise

There will be an option present to raise hands and either ask something or say something without disrupting what already going on in the conversation. The person raising hands will be allowed to speak next or break the conversation at a suitable time.

Better Layouts

Usually stuffing too many frames into one is not that good looking and efficient at the same time. But Google is working towards making it more efficient and maybe even fit up to 49 people along with the screen share in a single screen.

Customisable Background

Well! This is already existing but there will be more background options and feature be added to this one.


You can get a report of every attendee as to when they joined, their active time, when do they left the meeting and other stats that might be necessary at times to track metrics.

Breakout Room

If there’s too much going on in the same meeting, you’ll be able to separate the meeting of a specific group into a different zone and when they’re done with their discussion, they can unite back into the main chain.

Q&A Section

This is a very important update in Google Meet App, in this section you can post your queries that will be answered at an appropriate time during the course of the meeting without disturbing the flow of the whole meeting.


This option by Google Meet App will be coming in handy in those meetings where there’s something decisive going on and the participation of the group is needed.

All-New UI

The current UI of both the web application and the app is very tad simple. Google is in pursuit to update the same and make it more interactive and feature-rich in the coming days.

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