Google Maps Will Now Help You Save Money On Toll Prices


Earlier, when you used to travel to an unknown destination, your only source of road guidance would be people on the roads. 

But, nowadays whenever we have to travel or reach any destination, we don’t need guidance from anyone. All you have to do is go to the google maps app on your phone. Then, type in your destination. and you have your road map. It is as simple as this. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps To Help You Save Money 

Recently, Google maps announced that you can now save money on toll prices through google maps. And how can you avail this?

Well, when you will use google maps to search for your destination, your estimated toll price will be told to you beforehand. So, even before your journey starts, you will know how much will your toll prices be. 

This feature is currently available in India, the United States, Japan and Indonesia. Additionally, this feature will help users decide whether they would prefer the toll roads or the regular roads. 

In a recent blog, Google said, “To help make the choice between toll roads and regular roads easier, we’re rolling out toll prices on Google Maps for the first time.” 

How Will This Feature Work?

Now, you might be wondering how can Google tell their users about the toll prices that they need to pay on their journey?

For this, Google will pair up with the local tolling authorities. And, this way Google maps will have a list of the tolling prices that will help its users only. 

The toll prices will be updated on the Android and iOS systems for almost 2000 toll roads in India, the United States, Japan and Indonesia. Google also said that this feature will be available in other countries very soon as well. 

Keys Points For Android And IOS Users About This Feature

  • Both Android and iOS users will be able to see the toll prices on the roads before their journey begins. 
  • Factors like the cost of using the toll pass and other similar payments will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the variations in toll prices according to the day or other occasion if any will also be mentioned. 
  • If there is any toll-free road available, then Google maps will show that route to you as well. 
  • Now, if you wish to avoid using this feature, there will be an option available for this as well.  And you can do so, b simply clicking on the ‘Avoid tolls’ option. 

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Google maps have also released an update specifically for iOS users as well. This new update includes a pinned trip widget and direct navigation on the app watch. 

Additionally, Google Maps is also added to Siri and other shortcuts. This way people can access Google Maps from the shortcuts on the iOS home screen only. 

Hence, through this new feature, Google Maps will help you save money on toll prices.


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