Six Smart Ways to Save Money on Airfare

Six Smart Ways to Save Money on Airfare

Traveling is fun but it demands some heavy rattling from your wallet and inturns you might end up paying too much on your travels, which can be avoided by following a few hacks. There is several ways you can save some bucks like booking a comparatively cheaper stay or hitchhiking but nobody talks about how to extinguish that burning hole in your pocket from that high priced airline ticket, after all you can’t bargain over the ticket counter, or can you? tell us in the comments.

There are six ways in which you can end up saving money on your airline tickets and  they are as follows:

Be an Early Bird


Try to book your flights a week or two earlier than the date of your departure, so that being an early bookie, you might end up saving some bucks. This is one of the proven methods that’s been there for ages and anyone who travels a lot uses this hack for booking cheap flights.

Visit the Official Airline website

If you are someone who believes that websites like GoIbibo or MakeMyTrip give you the best-discounted prices for your travel, then you are dead wrong my friend. The reason they don’t is that they always add their service charges at the end of the transaction and you’ll end up paying more than the actual cost of the ticket. Use the airline’s official website to book tickets and the extra layer of third-party charge can be evaded.

Book Flights on the Weekdays

Everybody wants to travel on a day that doesn’t have them preoccupied with work, meetings or social gatherings, and hence, people tend to travel on weekends. This habit has well noted by the airlines and the prices are high on weekends. So, if you can adjust then traveling mid-week will be your best bet to save some hefty bucks.

Compare Flights


Everybody has access to the internet and we all compare smartphones or any other thing while shopping online, then why discriminate with airline tickets? Check out comparison websites like e Skyscanner, Kayak, and Momondo and they can give you a good run for your money. Once the prices are compared then you can visit the official websites and book the ticket a week or two in advance and that too for a week-day, that way including all the points from above and saving a good amount of money.

Book Fights from Different Airlines

It is generally seen that you end up purchasing a return ticket from the same airline with which you’re booking your departure. This habit might save some time but may surely lose you some bucks. Try to research some more and choose an economic option for the return ticket too as the prices may vary for your return journey and can be high as compared to other flights in your return journey.

Make Use of  the  Incognito Mode

The browser that you use has something called cookies, which are information about your visits to every particular site. It’s like a logbook and it stores which flight you choose, which page you stayed longer, and what destination you searched for along with many different things. The cookies help the airline website predicts the trend and raises the price accordingly for the places you frequently travel to or for the flight that you are currently searching for.

The use of incognito mode helps in masking your identity from the airline website and flushing previous cookies along with not making any new ones. So, they don’t have any prediction based on your previous history, which will help you get the best-assured price.

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