High Protein V/s High Fat, What to Choose When Having a Low Carb Diet?


Deciding on a diet is the hardest part when trying to get fit and that’s why we’re here to help you out sort that one thing. During low carb diet, we’re often confused at what we should take as an alternate for the same.

While some may say that you need to go for a high protein diet, others claim that a high-fat one would do much good to that.

Now, whose to decide for you? Well! Let’s go over some pointer first.


low carb diet

Low Carb Diet, Why Is It important?

A low carb diet is for those who want to lose weight fast. Now, what happens is we remove carbs from our body and substitute that carb amount with either fats or proteins, according to our requirements.

Now, let’s see what we make out of these two different diest plans.

High Protein-Low Carb Diet

As the name signifies, we out to alter the carb content with proteins in rato of 30-35 percent of carbs and the remaining of majority proteins. It is considered great for bodybuilders who are also concentrating on muscle building and such tasks.

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High Fat-Low Carb Diet

In this type of diet, one has to alter the carb contents with fats and the ratio is only limited to 10-15 percent of carbs and majority of fats with a limited amount of proteins in 20-30 percent ratio only. This is considered idle for anyone who wants to just lose weight and is not that much keen on bulking up.

Either of these diets, upon intake, will help you to lose weight, and in a study done on both of these diet types. It was seen that one cannot differ much between results except for the type of body which you want.

Also, while the Keto diet (High-Fat low carb) is seemingly good for someone who is obese and wants to cut down on weight and for someone who is in shredding after building a good physique, the high protein one is a good option for those who are new to the bodybuilding game and need to gain muscle mass.

There can be no such difference but one thing we can say that once you’re past the 4 days cycle of taking food or completed the 21-day routine, you’ll soon develop a taste for whichever you choose and as we say it has no significant difference, so you can stick to any of those.

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