Facebook Launches Collab for iOS Users: Create, Watch, Mix & Match, And Share


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Facebook recently launched its new music-making app called ‘Facebook Collab’ for music lovers. The application is launched for the Apple devices with the iOS operating system and currently, it is available on the Apple App Store. Earlier in May, a beta-version was launched and after 7-months, a full version of the application has been launched for all iOS users in the United States. After the United States, the company’s next target is going to be India.

After running the beta version successfully for 7-months, the company made minor changes based on the feedback provided by the beta testing community and has improved its User Interface (UI) along with the fixation of minor bugs. Everyone can use this app and it allows its users to create, watch, mix & match, and share their creativity among the community. This app will help the hidden artists to come out of the dark and shine in limelight with their talent.

The working is really simple as there will be three 15-second independent videos that will be played in sync. This way, artists can unite and create a masterpiece by sitting at home during this pandemic. This app might become a great competitor for Tik-Tok in the future because music content creators are really disappointed with Tik-Tok because of its improper algorithm which hasn’t been fixed completely yet.

At the time of the announcement of the ‘Facebook Collab’ app, the Facebook NPE team said, “Facebook Collab computerizes the intricacy of sound and video syncing so you can produce a final composition without much of a stretch.” The company claims that the user doesn’t need to be a professional, experienced, or doesn’t need any musical training in order to use this app, he/she can start from the beginner’s level. To create a new collab, the user has to swipe any row out of the three rows to bring-in a new video clip that will sync appropriately with the user’s composition.

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The company further claims that it has optimized the experience for loads of setups. To guarantee that, they tested it with many headsets and equipment setups. The clients are even permitted to utilize outer sound interfaces to bring music from electronic instruments like guitars, keyboards, drum kits, etc.

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