WhatsApp’s new version has been met with vocal user outrage. For the acceptance of the terms and conditions you now require following a recent upgrade. A user’s account won’t be able to use their WHATSAPP if they don’t agree to the terms and they won’t be able to respond to any messages or calls that they receive.


Additionally, customers have the option to download account information and export conversation data from their devices. It will be deemed inactive for these accounts. The idle phase will last 120 days. Read the article below to know more about it.


WhatsApp has delayed its update till May 15th in response to these critical comments. It received a lot of criticism last month for giving the parent corporation Facebook access to users’ sensitive information. As a result, people have shifted to Telegram and Signal, among other texting services. This is because the app will be used for commercial purposes including ad targeting.

The customer’s information will be disclosed to Facebook in order for them to carry out this. Additionally, WhatsApp disclosed the user’s IP address in connection with the deal. Strong privacy regulations in Europe have little impact on WhatsApp’s incident. In India, there are no regulations governing the protection of personal data, so that is not the case. The Indian government is essentially building its own home base app.

WhatsApp new terms

The social networking site has made it clear that the policy will be looked at and perhaps modified. In a blog post, the business said that this was false information that was going around to confuse customers.

Apparently, WhatsApp has given Facebook permission to view or share user data such as their phone number, location, and other details, according to the American tech news website TechCrunch. Through the inclusion of tailored adverts, its most recent update will contribute to more efficient payment transactions. Incorporating it with other platforms can help small businesses grow.

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014 with the goal of enhancing the network that links consumers with online retailers.

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