Everything You Need To Know About The Delhi Mumbai Expressway


Delhi and Mumbai, the two economic capitals of India and two of the most famous cities in the county, will be connected with the world’s longest expressway.

The launch date is set for March 2023, and the set budget for the project is about Rs 98,000 crore, which is quite huge in its sense.

Now, there would be many benefits that would arise from the development of such an expressway.

The project started in 2018 is in progress as of now, and the Union minister for roads and highways, Nitin Gadkari, has been recently spotted checking the top speed at the expressway itself.

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To a surprise, he could only reach up to 170 kmph, which might cause by the vehicle he would have been using, considering it a standard one.

Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Now, there are some added benefits from the construction of such a project which are as follow:

  • It’s an 8 lane ready to be converted to 12 lane expressway covering 1350 kilometers of distance. Which will help connect the two cities and everything in between.
  • The expressway will have resorts, hospitality services, facilities for truckers, logistic parks, and more, which will boost the county’s travel and tourism business.
  • A helicopter ambulance will be at the disposal of accident victims in the expressway areas.
  • Heliports will be set up for the usage of drone-related services from businesses.
  • Two million trees and shrubs are to be planted, which will help raise the rate of biodiversity present in the county and the world.
  • It’ll include animal overpasses meaning that a separate pass will be created for an animal to cross the roads, eventually reducing the number of animal and human deaths due to accidents, including both.
  • It’ll save 320 million liters of fuel annually.
  • The amount of steel consumed will be equal to the steel used in the constructions of 50 Howrah bridges.
  • It’ll use a total of 2 percent of the country’s annual cement production.
  • Job opportunities will be created with about 50 lakh person-days of work being generated from the same.
  • The traveling time in some of the cities will be reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours, which is half the time compared to the previous one.

So, these are some facts about the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai expressway. What are your thoughts on the same? Do you tell us in the comments?

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