Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini Review: One-Step Towards Future

It has been one long year since Apple unveiled iPhone 12. Finally, we are blessed with its newest release – iPhone 13, which arrived right on schedule. You can say that iPhone 13 is a small advancement of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you are an iPhone 12 Pro Max user and every small up-gradation of technology interests you, then you should buy iPhone 13. Instead, if you are an Android user and thinking of switching to iOS then we would recommend you iPhone 12 Pro Max.


No doubt, that iPhone 13’s build is nicer, sleeker body, packs more power under the hood, but still, if you are a newbie to iOS, then it is advisable to use iPhone 12. Now, let’s jump onto the main objective for which you all are here.


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iPhone 13’s Impeccable Design: How It Looks?

The iPhone 13 is almost similar to the iPhone 12, you just need a good eye to spot the differences. The new smartphone is no different in terms of size and dimensions, but you are getting a couple of new colors – pink and lighter shade of blue.

The engineers won’t fiddle with the camera of their new smartphone, that cannot be happening at all. The camera is the most astonishing thing for iPhone lovers and upgrades are mandatory in the Apple industry.

This time, a large camera sensor has been included in the setup and both the rear lenses are positioned diagonally. The notch too has been twitched and has been made 20 percent smaller.

iPhone 13’s Astounding Display: What Makes It the Best Display?

iPhone 13 comes in two sizes. The one is the iPhone 13 Mini with a screen size of 5.4-inches, whereas, iPhone 13 comes with a 6.1-inch screen. Both the models consist of Apple’s new Super Retina XDR OLED display to enhance its display.

Apple iPhone

It lacks in ProMotion display which is common in its more professional cousin- the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 13 has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz which makes it a lesser advanced smartphone when compared with the iPhone 13 Pro. iPhone 13 Pro’s refresh rate can allow the screen to change from 10Hz to 120Hz instantly.

iPhone 13’s Adequate Camera: How Fast the Shutter Is?

The camera is the only thing that allowed iPhone 13 to have an upper hand on iPhone 12, as it comes with trickle-down camera technology. The lenses are way bigger than the last time to produce extremely phenomenal photographs in low light.

The device sports two cameras on the backside, a regular one and a wide-angle. Both the cameras are 12-megapixel each. The company also introduced sensor-shift stabilization technology, which allows sensors to move automatically to reduce vibration.

Now, users can customize their photographs with ‘photographic profiles’. Many iPhone lovers are naming this feature as a personalized Instagram filter. One can program into the screen before clicking a photograph.

When one starts filming a video in real-time, the cinematic mode will automatically adapt the focus, meaning, it will adjust the focus depending on when people are entering or leaving the frame. This means the user will never get a blurry frame ever.

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iPhone 13’s Phenomenal Performance: How Fast It Can Run?

You can never expect less from Apple when it comes to the performance of their devices. Apple is a master of building powerful devices and delivering high-end smartphones to its users. You can expect an A15 Bionic under the hood and Apple claims it to be 50 percent faster.

Multitasking is easy in the new iPhone 13 and swapping between games and other applications can be done with the speed of the bolt. The introduction of its new processor has stunned everyone. According to sources, the iPhone 13 Mini can last for extra 1.5 hours as compared with the previous model.

Apple iPhone

Whereas, the larger iPhone 13 can last for extra 2.5 hours in terms of battery than the previous model. This is what the company claims, but battery utilization can vary upon its usage. Still, it was a big relief for iPhone users.

iPhone 13’s Extra-Ordinary Software: What Does It Run?

The iPhone 13 comes with Apple’s iOS 15, which is an incremental upgrade over the previous one. This latest device holds a new feature for iPhone users. Now iPhone users can FaceTime with non-Apple users too by creating a link and sharing it with them.

iPhone users can share the link with Windows or Android users and they have to join using a web browser. Now you can manage notifications too by customizing applications that which app can send you notifications depending on the time of day, or where you are.




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