Dyson introduces new tech in their headphones with Air purifier feature capabilities


Dyson has released its first wireless headset to the market. Whereas, the most exciting aspect of the product is that it comes with a designed air purifier, which Dyson is very adept at producing. The firm is attempting to kill two birds with one rock. Hence, the Dyson Zone headphones aim to reduce both air and noise contamination.

Moreover, the magnetic visor that takes up half of your face device employs the company’s existing air filtering technology to draw contaminated air into each earphone through a pair of blowers. It is then pumped towards the visor and discharged, forming a pocket of air around the lips.


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It’s comparable to the Bubble-Head enchantment from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Additionally, similar to Bane’s face mask from the Batman Begins film.

Dyson headphones Price Expectations:

Dyson has not announced the price or features of this device. Even though, knowing Dyson and its products, anticipate the Dyson Zone wireless headphones to be expensive/costly. We have no question that Dyson is trying something different, and ingenuity goes a long way toward capturing your interest with this device.


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Dyson headphones Air Purification feature:

Dyson is putting its experience in air purification to use by incorporating filtering technology into the mouth-covering portion of the device. Company claims that the visor does not contact your face and that there is a gap that allows you to breathe simply.

Dyson’s innovation in headphones

The business claims to have spent the last six years working on integrating the air purifier technology into the headset. Moreover, it appears to have finally discovered the ideal design and form factor to offer the greatest results.

While we all know how wonderful Dyson is at air filtration. Moreover, the brand is relatively unknown when it comes to audio technology. Panasonic, Bose, Sony, and Apple will all be paying a close eye on the business to see how the finished version turns out for users. The device itself appears to be a handful. However, we are interested to see how the business approaches the debut of the Dyson Zone headphones.

Final Verdict:

Dyson has not specified pricing, weight, or a release date for the Zone headphones. Although charging through USB Type-C is guaranteed. It can also be linked to the Dyson smartphone to change settings or monitor the overall air quality surrounding you.

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