Failed Products: 06 Things From The Electronics World That Failed Our Expectations


We all have experienced a few electronic products that we have at the places that we wish we wouldn’t have gotten in the first place . Here are some products by renowned brands that we wish we could return.

Sometimes technology apparently ready to set the world on fire ends up flopping. The reasons for this market failure could be due to poor timing or just too much hype. Let’s take a look at some technologies that never really lived up to their promise.

6 Disappointing Electronics At Home Which Didn’t Satisfy their Customers



The Jio network is very inconsistent. So, in some areas, one can get as high as 9Mbps while in some places it may be as low as 10–100 Kbps. In such cases, you can buy a JioFiber for ‘nostalgic’ reasons – it will remind you of a dial-up modem of the late 1990s. Additionally, they have bad aftersales as well.


The Amazon Smart speaker is known to malfunction most of the time, does not recognize what we say, and is not made for not-so-smart Indian homes. It needs wifi constantly to function as intended which is sometimes not feasible.

3.OnePlus Nord CE 5G

This phone just happens to be a nerfed/inferior version of their previous budget phone, the OnePlus Nord. It has the downgraded parts of a OnePlus Nord which has led to a lot of concern about the company’s plan moving forward as such a trait involving cost cutting does not suit them.

4.Sony Cybershot DSC-QX10 and QX100 Smartphone Cameras

It is a camera that can be easily attached to your phone and removed when not needed, giving you the best high-quality camera shots from your phone itself. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Yet, no matter how tempting and fascinating this sounds, this product has been a disappointing one. It was created 8 years ago and was priced at $500.
They had to be attached to your smartphone which would then be connected to it via WiFi. This will enable your phone to become the preview screen and automatically save the snaps.

The whole purpose of this product was to leave a heavy camera device at home. It lost its meaning as this attachable camera in itself was a bulky product to carry along. This made it a failed product.

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5. Sony Aromastic Mobile Scent Dispenser

The branding of this product was to overshadow your usual aroma diffusers. They wanted to move ahead of time and offered to not make you wait for a diffuser that takes time for the scent to spread.

This product was also to reduce stress among busy working people and calm people down. But did it really serve the purpose? No, it did not.

This is because a simple aroma dispenser and some soothing essential oils is not enough to keep up with the hectic and stressful schedules. A cup of coffee or energy drink would be ideal for such a case.

When it comes to people stressed or who want something to calm themselves the age-old diffusers prove themselves handy. Though the scent spreads slowly it spreads all around with a beautiful holder lit with a candle adding some charm to your room. This product was seen as unnecessary.

Elica Kitchen Appliances

Elica is a brand that has the most disappointing customer care service. They have local vendors associated with them who will charge hefty service amounts so according to our own personal experience Elica has the most annoying after sales service and we suggest you to kindle be careful while you shop for your kitchen appliances the next time.

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We all buy things that we regret. You probably have some really expensive gadgets lying around at home that you don’t even use. Write to us on, such electronics who have annoyed the hell out of you. Hence, it’s always recommended to buy something only once you have done your research and made up your mind.

This quality makes you a smart buyer indeed. Stay tuned for more!

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