Free YouTube Premium Offered by Airtel, How to Avail?

Free YouTube Premium Offered by Airtel

Airtel has been nothing but generous when it comes to offers, a lot especially after Jio Platforms have been taking a lead at the same game of generosity when it comes to offers.

This sounds like a dig at Airtel, but is it? Well! it might be for they are actually short on offers for quite some time. But that might be because we see their competition Jio Platforms showing with unlimited offers.

Now, while this does seem like a dig but it is not. It is just there to tell you that Airtel rolls out some pretty great offers as well. Like this time, Airtel are giving out free subscription of ‘Youtube Premium’ for their users under the Airtel Thanks scheme.

Free YouTube Premium Offered by Airtel

Now, you can get this offer if you’re one of the selected users. The reason being that free youtube premium subscription is only applicable to a handful of people under the selected scheme.

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You can check if this offer is applicable or not by visiting the ‘Airtel Thanks’ panel in the Airtel app. If you’re a selected user then apply for the same and in the next six months, you’ll be shared a code for the Youtube Premium service.

Now, if you already took a trail plan of the same service or a user of Youtube Red, Google Play music paid subscription then this offer will not be applicable to your account. Also, if you have taken the trail plan beforehand, then your service might still get activated but without the Youtube Music platform benefit.

In general, the service comes under a price tag of 129 INR per month. Applying this code will give you a three-month free Youtube premium subscription  and seems like a pretty good offer, keeping the fact in light that the demand for Youtube Premium is on a rise.

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