Don’t Make These Mistakes Before You Order Food Online Again


Food delivery is the new normal, which is why most of us prefer to dine in on a lazy night rather than going out and getting something.

Now, when you’re ordering so much and there are other people like you, there are some common mistakes bound to happen. So, today we’re going to throw some light on that.

Also, these mistakes are not from our side but from someone who has been a delivery agent herself. If you’re wondering who we’re talking about then her name is Annie Smith, who is now a business owner and she has some relatable past experience as well in the same field.

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To tell more about her story, she has been a daily worker initially but then she quit during the pandemic to start her own business. But, during the initial phase, to raise money for her business, she worked as a delivery agent and she faced quite a lot of problems during that time.

Now, let’s talk about those problems at last.

Don't Make These Mistakes Before You Order Food Online Again

Not Giving Out Clear Instructions on Address

Your delivery might get delayed in case you mess up your address. This is the common reason why some folks always get late deliveries.

All it takes is just 10 minutes of your time at maximum, to stuff up the good piece of information in an organised way. It’ll be best if you add nearby locations, postal codes and more for refrence of the delivery person.

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Properly Lighting Up Your House 

If your house is not lit up properly from the outside then it’s hard for the delivery person to spot it from outside.

They usually try to figure out the address on a running vehicle and if you have a house that’s visible clearly, then there you go saving 10 extra minutes of search which results in a pizza that’s still warm and crispy.


Tipping The Delivery Agent

Food delivery is a hectic task if you ask somebody and they’re not getting paid generously. So, if you have enough money for a pizza that’s big as a small table then you can surely let out a few bucks for the delivery agent as well, can’t you?

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