Best 5 Places to Eat Best Shahi Paneer in Delhi NCR


Delhi is a food lover’s hub, and speaking of shahi paneer there is an end number of restaurants that serve finger-licking shahi paneer for foodies like us. The sheer flavor and dash of earthiness in the food in these popular restaurants can beat any top-notch 5-star restaurant. These places might not be able to provide a supreme ambiance as compared with top-notch restaurants, but quality in shahi paneer has never been compromised as this dish has always been their main highlights. Some of these are more than 50 years old, and still, they haven’t lost their charm when it comes to serving shahi paneer. That’s why we have picked the 5 best restaurants that serve the best shahi paneer in Delhi.

  1. Pindi Restaurant

Pindi is one of the most and popular and oldest restaurants in Delhi. It serves delicious food at an economical price and its shahi paneer is divine. If you are looking for a good ambiance and the best shahi paneer in Delhi, then you have chosen the right place to enjoy. It is a busy eating place but it makes sure to serve its customers on time. If you are visiting this place then do not forget to click selfies with your friends.

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  1. Kake Di Hatti

Kake Di Hatti has been known for its excellent dining experience and service for years now. This place is mainly known for its North Indian cuisine. You will get fascinated with its good ambiance but its food is a bigger attraction. This is one of the best places to bring your friends over and taste the best shahi paneer in Delhi. Once you taste its shahi paneer, you will visit again and again for sure.


Not so big restaurant in Rajouri Garden, but its food and service cannot be missed. Talk about ambiance and this place will win your heart. You might want to lick your fingers once you taste its shahi paneer. It is recommended to visit that place in the evening to have a better experience of its ambiance.

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  1. Desi Vibes

The best place to experience Mughlai interior and its main highlight is shahi paneer, which is enough to pull shahi paneer lovers and have the best meal of their lifetime. So, if you haven’t had an authentic shahi paneer for so many days, maybe it’s time to visit this place. And do not forget to go without your friends because you might not want to end up eating alone in such a beautiful place. It is said that this place is blessed for making the best shahi paneer in Delhi.

  1. Singh Sahib

Discussing fine-dining and you would never stop talking about this place. If you are in Delhi and you haven’t visited this place then you are majorly missing the best food. This place has got some serious fan following for its amazing dishes and mainly known for the best shahi paneer in Delhi. Once you enter this place you will not leave without filling your tummy completely.

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