Love Free Food? Here Are 5 Places in Delhi Where you can Find Delicious Meals for Free


It is rightly believed that no food comes for free but here’s how we prove you wrong. In Delhi, a place where you think you may have to pay for every lunch you eat, there are places that serve you wholesome meals on a platter for free. 

You only need to find your way to these amazing places and let us guide you to the delicious meal that awaits you. You are bound to enjoy your meal and your time spent at these places too! 

Love Free Food? Here Are 5 Places in Delhi Where you can Find Delicious Meals for Free

Here’s our selection of 5 handpicked places that will serve you a meal to remember free of cost, served with the best of ambience and hospitality: 

  • Hotel Royal Plaza

This hotel has gained a remarkable reputation after it started serving freshly cooked food for free of cost. 

Frequented by everyone ranging from taxi drivers to hungry tourists, this place is visited daily by hundreds for the good quality served to them in the form of a buffet every week. 

  • ISKCON Temple 

Temples and other religious places of worship are usually known to offer free meals to anyone who visits and so does the ISKCON temple. 

Meals are served in the form of prasad everyday but during festive seasons, they tend to serve elaborate vegetarian meals as well. All meals are prepared hygienically and served to the deity before being served to the guests. 

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  • Cafe XCO 

This small eatery located in North Delhi runs for a very noble-purpose which is to exchange knowledge for food. 

You can either share your book or barter it to get free food and amazing beverages at this amazing cafe run by innovative and young minds. 

  • Chhatarpur Temple

Officially known as Shri Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth, this temple is frequently visited by tourists and devotees alike.

Spread over a very large area, it will take more than half a day to explore this beautiful temple and its interiors. 

After all the sightseeing, you can feast on the meal served by the temple to all its visitors which comes straight from its free-for-all-kitchen. This daily bhandara offers everyone the sumptuous prasad which anyone can take. 

Love Free Food? Here Are 5 Places in Delhi Where you can Find Delicious Meals for Free

  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib 

If you’re hungry and want to feast on a satisfying vegetarian thali prepared carefully and affectionately, then Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the place to visit. 

You are served a full-fledged free food at the expansive dining hall in this wonderful shrine which doesn’t discriminate between caste, creed or religion.

This meal is served in three shifts throughout the day and no one is obliged to pay them back for this service. 

However, if you do wish to thank them for the delicious meal, you can always take part in the other humble practices here like washing the utensils or shoe-keeping and many more.

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