Proud Moment for India, says Nitin Gadkari as NHAI sets a Guinness World Record

Proud Moment for India, says Nitin Gadkari as NHAI sets a Guinness World Record

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and 720 consultants and workers from private enterprises combined to build the longest continuous bituminous concrete road that stretches 75 km. Gadkari took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the NHAI and other private enterprises. He also praised the government for enabling him to do the task rapidly.

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Which Guinness World Record is created by NHAI?

This is the longest ever continuous bituminous concrete single layer road in the world, and it has rightly made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Nitin Gadkari informed the general public that the road was built between Maharashtra’s Amravati and Aloka on National Highway 53. The construction of the road began on 3rd June at 7:27 AM, and the work was done entirely in about four days. The final touches were added on June 7th, and at 5 PM that day, it was adjudged that the stretch was completely ready.

Nitin Gadkari praises NHAI:

Nitin Gadkari, in the video he has posted on Twitter, said that the work was completed in a record time of 105 hours and 33 minutes. The roadways minister declared it to be a proud moment for India and seemed absolutely delighted while announcing the achievement via his social media handle. 

Nitin Gadkari further said that the stretch is an important part of the East-West corridor. It will link Kolkata, Raipur, Nagpur, Akola, Dhule, and Surat. The stretch is just a small fraction of the bigger picture envisioned by NHAI. Under the guidance of Nitin Gadkari, NHAI has been working on easing the traffic conditions in India, with several National Highways being planned to be completed in the upcoming decade. 

Previous Record:

The 75 km stretch has shattered the record of a road built as a part of the Al Khor Expressway in Qatar. That road took 10 days to be constructed and is about 27 km long. India has achieved a magnificent feat by constructing the 75 km long continuous bituminous concrete road in just about 4 days of time. 

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