Brighten Your Mornings With These Homemade Healthy Juices


For decades, healthy juices made with concoctions of vegetables and fruits are preferred along with breakfast every morning by people all around the world. 

With evolving times, we all have switched to natural, sugar-free and fiber-rich versions of these juices. They are more appealing, healthier and help remove all chemicals, sugar and preservatives from our diet.


 Homemade Healthy Juices

Drinking these  healthy juices won’t just detox your body, but aid in shedding all those extra inches and help you get clear and glowing skin. 

You should mind three things before you make your blend in the morning. First, choose a grinder or mixer which will help in retaining the fiber from the vegetable or the fruit because fiber is essential. Secondly, never strain the pulp; drink the entire extract instead of just choosing the juice. Lastly, drink these blends first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that it’s easier to absorb all the nutrients from it. 

Try some of these delicious healthy blends and kickstart your mornings the right way: 

1. Get the Vitamin C rush

It’s no secret that Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial nutrients available in fruits and vegetables. When doctors have also not held back on prescribing the supplement for this to patients, why should you hold back? 

Throw in a bit of citrus fruits like orange, lime and pineapple juice to start the day with a tangy punch. 

This blend will help you resist unhealthy bacteria and boost your immunity and overall health. 

2. Cool cucumber

What your body needs is water, and it’s best to stay hydrated always either by consuming it directly or from different sources like cucumbers and apples. 

You only get a few months when the weather is pleasant. So, make the best of it by drinking these cooling juices and rejuvenate yourself completely. 

Make this cooler by using a bit of cucumber, lemon juice and mint leaves as well. Or get your veggie-nutrients with carrots and apples. 

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3. Tangy tomatoes

If you drink tomatoes every morning, you don’t need any other supplements to boost your health, it doesn’t matter if you eat it raw in salads or in a juice blend. 

Blend in some carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and a pinch of basil along with a stick of celery to the mix and drink up first thing in the morning. 

 To make something different, blend together your entire vegetable salad and garnish with some herbs and a bit of lemon juice. To get the perfect seasoning, sprinkle a bit of pink salt or rock salt over the top. 

4. Antioxidant boost

Antioxidants are very important, and you know it. A good antioxidant fix helps reduce damage caused by radicals that may cause severe diseases like cancer and cardiovascular problems. 

Throw in a bit of mango, a small selection of berries and pomegranate seeds and refresh your exhausted self with this yummy and healthy blend. For more appeal, garnish with granola, coconut shavings or more berries. 

No amount of berries is enough, and nothing better than a mango-berry blend to wake yourself up for a bright day ahead. 

5. Go green

Is eating your greens enough? No! Start drinking them as well. A single cup of greens is enough to begin your day with. 

Pick anything you like – avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, kale or coriander, and whip it up together to make that healthy green juice. 

Green juice is one of the healthiest detoxes as it helps improve blood circulation, clean your digestive system, liver, lungs and uterus, energize the body and boost oxygenation in it as well. 

It will be a bit bland, but don’t worry, add in some lemon juice and get that kick you need every morning. 

5. Guard yourself with gourds

Here’s another way to clean your internal systems, throw in some tubers like beets, potatoes, and carrots and make a cup of it. 

To stay in the pink of health, opt for half of a gourd, one potato, one beetroot and 2-3 carrots and drink it down first thing in the morning. 

If it tastes too bland, blend in some gooseberries as well, and see how your hair grows soft and your skin starts glowing with this blend. 

It’s never too late to start being healthy, and you have plenty of time to start adopting these healthy habits. Jump onto the healthy bandwagon and see how you stay fit and healthy always with these healthy juices!



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