Jaggery (Gud) and Ghee Combo: The Ultimate Immunity Booster


During the time of the pandemic, having a strong immune system is considered to be a bliss. And for that either you can drink your corona kadha, or have an immunity booster already, or can add some new things in the diet for the same with adequate exercise.

So, out of these four things, we are sure that you just have tried at least three already and we’re going to help you with the fourth.

Now, when talking about having things that can improve the immune system a combo of Jaggery and Ghee comes to mind. This is a strong recipe fed to their grandchildren by old people even today as they know the science behind it.


Immunity booster

Moving on, let’s tell you in detail why we’re asking you to add these two ingredients to your post-lunch diet.

Ayurvedic Treatment

This is one of the things that have been used as an ayurvedic treatment in the old times. And even today it is recommended in those families where this remedy has been passed onto newer generations.


Curb Your Sugar Craving 

Jaggery being a natural sugar is good for you and along with ghee, it becomes a good source of energy and a tasty dessert too. Along with that, if you’re on sugar cutting and are craving for some sweetener, jaggery works fine when taken in small amounts.


Both of these, Ghee and Jaggery are known to be superfoods that are quite rich in nutrients and have healing properties more than normal foods. This is why it is also recommended to ladies after giving birth to a newborn as they are in dire need of high-speed recovery.


High Nutrient Contents

This combination works as an immunity booster and can cure hormonal imbalance as well. It can also detoxify your body and can be used to keep your hair, skin, and nails in perfect health as well. Apart from all that, it also helps to fight through Anemia.

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So, are you going to add a tablespoon of the combo to your post-lunch diet? If yes comment down below and tell us why and if already did, tell us how much it helped you.

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