Monsoon Increases Risk of Eye Infections: Here’s How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Here's how to fight off eye diseases in monsoon


The monsoon season brings relief from the intense heat, but it also comes with the risk of various illnesses. The humidity and rain promote the growth of bacteria and viruses, leading to several infectious diseases.

Monsoon Increases Risk of Eye Infections: Here's How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Increased Risk of Eye Infections During Monsoon

Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, become more common during the monsoon. Viral conjunctivitis can cause swelling in the eyes and may have long-term effects.


Why Eye Problems Increase During Monsoon and How to Prevent Them

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is more common during the monsoon due to bacterial or viral infections. Some people may also develop conjunctivitis due to allergies. To prevent this:

  • Avoid swimming in public pools.
  • Be extra careful when using contact lenses.

Eye Care Tips for the Monsoon Season

Avoid Touching Your Eyes:

    • Don’t touch your eyes frequently. Germs and bacteria from dirty hands can infect your eyes.

    Use Separate Towels:

      • Use a separate towel for your face and don’t share it with others.

      Stay Away from Waterlogged Areas:

        • Avoid areas with stagnant water, as they can harbor various bacteria and viruses.

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        Avoid Self-Medicating:

          • Do not use any eye drops without consulting a doctor.

          Skip Eye Makeup:

            • To reduce the risk of infection, avoid using eye makeup.

            Keep Your Face Clean:

              • Regularly wash your face with clean water to keep it free of germs.

              By following these simple tips, you can keep your eyes healthy and avoid infections during the monsoon season.


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