Apple to Prevent Users From Using Phones With Cracked Display Screens


Unnoticed cracked display screens are a danger and a recipe for disaster if gone undetected for an extended period. 

Cracked Display Screens


As a user, there is no way you can determine a crack in your display if the damage is at a small scale or in a generally unnoticeable place.

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Apple has decided to come up with a system that will help you solve this issue. They will develop a system that will essentially notify users when their display suffers damage in the form of cracks.

Details Regarding the System

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent. This patent details how the company wishes to develop a mechanism that stops iPhone users from using cracked display screens.

A report by Insider mentions how the patent is named ‘Electronic device display with monitoring circuitry utilizing a crack detection resistor.’ Apple aims to incorporate a section called the ‘bent tail portion’ and the display’s edge.

A report by the Times of India also mentions this:

“This section will then be used to interface with the handsets system to notify users about the cracked display.” 

How Does This System Work?

Apple wants to create something called ‘meandering metal traces.’ The plan to develop this is by placing a strain-sensing resistor. This placement will be alongside a temperature compensation resistor.

The patent, included in the report by Times of India, then goes on to mention specifically- “formed from a loop-shaped signal path with two parallel metal traces that run along the periphery of the active area of the display. A crack detection may use resistance monitoring circuitry to measure resistance changes in one or more segments of the crack detection lines that are indicative of cracking in the line and structure elsewhere in the display.”

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Hence, with this mechanism, we can conclude  Apple prioritizes the safety of its users.  Stay tuned for more!



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