Domino’s Giving Away $50 Million Worth Free Food to take on DoorDash


The fast-food giant is doing something huge and unbelievable. They announced on Monday on their website: 

“Other food delivery apps charge customers with hidden city or service fees, not Domino’s. We charge customers one straightforward delivery fee because we believe that level of transparency is what customers want and deserve.”

As mentioned above, they made this announcement under the name “Surprise Frees,” which has been taken to combat other food delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash.

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How Are They Going To Do This?

According to CNN Business, “Domino’s said the free food would be added to one in every 14 orders, giving customers a little more than a 7% chance of winning each time they order. Winners will see the additional menu item on their order confirmation page.”

Why Did They Start This? 


Food delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash have angered a couple of customers in some cities of the US for adding additional fees in the cart right before checkout. “The added charges are the result of local governments pausing caps that limit how much third-party delivery platforms can charge restaurants to help struggling businesses.”

In the United States of America, Domino’s has never used third-party applications before for delivery. Their CEO even said in a statement:

“The company struggled a little bit understanding the long-term economics in some of the aggregator businesses, and that it doesn’t make sense economically for franchisees to use the apps.

In 60 years, we’ve never made a dollar delivering a pizza. We make money on the product, but we don’t make money on the delivery. So, we’re not sure how others do it.”

Don’t Make These Mistakes Before You Order Food Online Again

Although, this announcement does have some downsides. The delivery time seems to have gone up by a couple of minutes, and customers now have to wait longer for their pizza. Tough times call for tough measures, indeed. 

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