5 Places Near Mumbai That You Need to Visit With Your Friends

Places near Mumbai


Are you trying to overcome the bleh mood this weekend and looking for places near mumbai to travel and bathe in the joviality of the nature and sun while hitting it off with your bestfriends? Then this article is going to be an eye opener for you.

Whilst Mumbai reflects pure vanity and glamourous jazz of its nightlife, there are so many other substantial tourist spots close to it that are hidden away from the treasure apps which find you the golden mystery locations.

Places near Mumbai

So, if you are looking forward to a weekend getaway, you’ve found the right article to reveal some less-explored stunning, covert places near Mumbai.

Here are 5 off-the-beat places you need to chill with your buddies this weekend near Mumbai:


the perfect spot the ever-hungry adventure seekers and nature lovers, Tapola is coined as the mini-Kashmir near Mumbai for its country-side vibes. Situated near the shores of Shivsagar, away from the crowded, always busy roads, Tapola will take you back in time to a quiet and peaceful country life. If you ever find yourself in Tapola remember to:

  • try out the water scooter and motorboat rides
  • swimming and kayaking
  • visit to farms to pick fresh produce.

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If you are a history and art enthusiast, Jawhar is the spot for you to vibe with during your stay in Mumbai. Secluded in the arms of Western Ghats, Jawhar will open up to the lives of warli people and take you on ride into the ancient culture. Apart from its famous tribal arts, Jawhar offers:

  • visit inside Jaivilas palace
  • sunset points
  • stunning waterfalls to chill around.

Sandhan Valley

If you are the kind to obsess over hiking and into spontaneous things that include extreme adventure, a visit to Sandhan valley is a must. You will feel your adrenaline rush spiking by the second with the amount of zeal you can experience at this place. Apart from hiking, the valley also offers:

  • river-crossing
  • rock climbing and rapelling
  • camping

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There are two types of tourists- the comfy, peace-maker who wants to sip coconuts and chill at aesthetic beaches and the adventure-seeker who wants to climb mountains and break barriers. If you are the former, Anjarle-Harnai is the spot for you.

Along with its aesthetic river banks, this place has plenty of activities to offer

  • you can head out for a small swim
  • explore the architectures around
  • enjoy the historical setting while lazing around in the coast.


Quirky and eccentric, Purushwadi is a famous picnic spot near Mumbai. Closed off to large human gatherings until recently, Purushwadi gained recognition for its earthly vibes and starry night sky. Located in a small village it not only offer the sight of sparkling fireflies mating but also

  • hiking
  • photography
  • a calm evening by the nature and country-side.

So if you ever visit Mumbai and want to explore something more than the jazz of its nightlife, visit these above-mentioned places near it for a wholesome experience.

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