7 Underrated International Movies on Netflix to Watch This Weekend


In this blog, we have covered the underrated international movies on Netflix that can sort out your weekend. Netflix has thousands of movies and shows on its digital streaming platform. You can find the content according to your preference and taste and enjoy it to the fullest of your heart with this OTT platform starting from just Rs 149 in India. International movies have gained huge momentum on Netflix over the past couple of years. People are excited and interested in watching movies and web series from countries like Spain, Germany, Japan and more countries. Some of the films from these nations have become highly popular, while some remain unknown despite their incredible story and screenplay. 

Here are the 7 best underrated international movies on Netflix to watch this weekend:

1- The Crimes That Bind

the crimes that bind- Netflix Underrated International Movies

This underappreciated thriller on Netflix is one movie you need to watch asap. The Argentine film is a thrilling psychological tale that follows Alicia, who is willing to go to any lengths in order to protect his son from serving time in prison. Her son is convicted in the case of trying to murder his ex-wife. You should watch this movie with your partner this weekend to come up with crazy theories as the story progresses.

2- The Motive


The Motive is one of those underrated international movies on Netflix which has a unique concept. The Spanish film follows a man who is obsessed with writing the ‘High Literature.’ To accomplish his goal, he starts to cause trouble and conflicts around him. The film could serve as your dose of dark comedy this weekend.

3- Close Enemies

close enemies

A classic tale of good and evil told from the perspective of two friends who take different paths in life. Close Enemies is a Belgian-French crime drama that follows two childhood buddies who go on separate ways in their lives only to be united in unfavourable circumstances. One of the friends becomes a thug while the other one grows up to be a cop. It’s a crime thriller that you should not miss out on. 

4- The 12th Man

the 12th man

The 12th Man is an underappreciated Norwegian historical drama on Netflix. It’s based on the true story of 12 saboteurs, of whom 11 were captured and killed by the Nazis. However, one of them managed to get away. The film has a beautiful setting which will mesmerise you. You will fall in love with the main character’s unwavering grit and determination. 

5- Under the Amalfi Sun


It’s a heartwarming Italian romantic comedy that many people may have missed on Netflix. The film follows Vincenzo and Camilla, who visit the picturesque fictional Amalfi coast after one year of their relationship to put their bond to the test. The film will make you wholeheartedly laugh and cry with your loved one. 

6- School Life


Moving on from romantic comedy here’s a critically acclaimed French teen comedy that has many LOL moments. The film follows a counsellor who dedicates her life to working for underprivileged children in one of the poorest areas of France. She faces challenges but is determined to change the life of disadvantaged students.

7- Against the Ice

against the ice

This inspiring historical survival drama shot in Iceland and Greenland is one of the most severely underrated international movies on Netflix. The beautiful story captures friendship, love and emotions in the most endearing way possible. It is based on the true story of Denmark’s 1909 polar exploration. The film can give you the motivation you need this weekend to tackle the following week. We advise watching it on Sunday to excel at work on Monday.

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