7 Rare Qualities That Makes a September Born Special

7 Rare Qualities That Makes a September Born Special

Being a September born, you want to know more about yourself. And if you’re not a September born, then you must be in contact with someone who is.

So, whatever it may be, whether it’s you or someone close to you, just remember September born are special in the own way. Let’s find out how?

7 Rare Qualities That Makes a September Born Special

Made For Love

September borns are made for love. They are the most romantic kind of people you can get in touch with on this earth. But, they are not the showy type and you need to break their barriers before seeing their romantic side.

Born Foodies

They love to clean the plate using their tongue along and won’t leave behind a speck of food wasted. It’s like they had an extra set of tummy and taste for everything that good. This makes them quite a good company to hang out with and get recommendations as well.


Keeping It Real

They like to keep things real and if they are feeling uncomfortable about something, its possible that they won’t be able to keep it in for long. Sometimes they can be seen as rude but in reality, they are just saying what they really want to say unlike many other who try to manipulate or being politically correct.


Love For Art and Literature

They have a keen eye for good books, music, article, Tv series, and any kind of art that you come across. Along with the recommendation for the best dine-in option in your city, you can tell them to slip in a few good book recommendations as well. For we are sure they won’t be disappointed with you much.

Like to Be in Control

They want to assess the situation they are in currently and come up with good solutions to tackle the problems in hand. This is why being in control suits their character and sometimes it’s perceived as bossy. But they don’t care about how you see them for they know that their decision and viewpoint is mostly right.

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Hard workers

They don’t only dream and do nothing but they are the exact kind of people who would put in long hours of work in whatever they are doing. They have a natural drive for long hours of working time and get a different level of satisfaction seeing their all checked to-do list.

Affectionate and Emphatic

They can be perceived as anything but inside their heart, they are the most emphatic and kind humans possible. They like to donate but in private, they like to help but don’t glorify it. Also, they will always be there for you if you’re their friend but at the same time, they would not stop making fun of you as well.


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