Port Your Mobile Number Online Easily Following These Simple Steps

Port Your Mobile Number Online Easily Following These Simple Steps

Mobile Number Porting was something launched by the telecom back in the day in order for a user to change his network provider without changing their existing mobile number.

Now, in the times of corona, it’s needed more than ever due to some of us facing the network connection issues and that is something we cannot sustain under the condition of lockdown.

So, if you’re one of those frustrated users who suffers calls drop, poor internet connection, or your Youtube video buffer at even 240P. Then its time you stop being loyal to your network provider and make a switch.

Port your mobile number online easily by following these steps

How To Switch Your Network Provider

We’ll provide you with a detailed guide on how to switch your provider between multiple network providers. All popular and major networks have been covered under the list.

Switching To Jio’s Network

  1. You need to install the MyJio app on your device first.
  2. Then in the app locate the porting option.
  3. Inside that, you’ll be asked to choose between either getting a new Jio SIM and keeping the existing number or just changing the network.
  4. Choose your desired option and move forward with a few click of ‘Okay’.
  5. Select the type of plan between ‘Prepaid’ and ‘Postpaid’.
  6. Select a plan that matches your budget and needs.
  7. Confirm your location by allowing GPS access.
  8. Choose between ‘Store pickup’ or ‘Home delivery’ if you’ve selected the option to avail a new sim card.

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Switching To Airtel’s Network

  1. Download the AirtelThanks app and look for the porting options.
  2. Inside the porting option menu, first, select your plan and then opt-in for a port-in request.
  3. There is no further action that you can take now, as an Airtel executive will be assigned to your cause and will guide you further.
  4. You can choose the time for the visit of the executive.
  5. After filling in some documents and a getting a few minor details executed, the Airtel executive will furnish your request.
  6. A new sim will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Switching To Vodafone’s Network

  1. Download the Vodafone-Idea app.
  2. Log in to the app or if you don’t have an existing account, then register a new one.
  3. Enter your contact details, name, location, etc. and move on to the next option.
  4. Check the plans that suit you from the list of Vodafone RED Postpaid plan and choose one.
  5. Finally, click the ‘Switch to Vodafone’ button and Voila! you’re done.
  6. Fill in your address and let GPS access your location.
  7. Your Sim Card will be delivered soon to your doorstep.

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