6 Favorite cheat day meals of Virat Kohli that every Delhiite will relate to


Virat Kohli’s change from a fat cricketer to a completely fit individual is incredible. He is currently one of the strongest players. Kohli is also one of the best batters of his generation, and the Indian captain guides from the beginning when it comes to living a disciplined life. His passion for health has motivated not only his mates but also everyone who watches him play.

Virat Kohli From fit to fat Journey

Kohli’s greatest fitness philosophy has been his practice of adhering to a tight food plan over the years to keep on the peak of his game. But when he was younger, he enjoyed a wide range of cuisines. The Delhi native recently disclosed what he would like to eat on a cheat day.

Kohli is now a vegetarian and meticulously follows a fitness routine and diet that has contributed to his performance on the field. Do you know Virat Kohli has great eating memories with Delhi’s famous Butter chicken but in recent years he left the non-veg from his eating menu? Love marriage with Anushka Sharma or Fitness whatever may be the reason but there is still a foody person inside King Kohli.

Kohli has followed a strict nutrition plan for many years to stay at the peak of his game. The Indian captain, on the other hand, claimed that he is a big eater and has a long list of delicacies he would like to indulge himself with if given a no-regret cheat day. Kohli revealed his ideal cheat day cuisine during an Instagram live conversation with Indian football squad skipper Sunil Chhetri.

Here are some favorite cheat day meals of Virat Kohli that every Punjabi craves

Starting from Chole Bature

Kohli's love for Chole Bature

You’ll be relieved to know that it’s not just us who think in the soul-soothing effect of cheat lunches; even Virat Kohli enjoys deviating from his healthful eating and treating himself. What is Virat Kohli’s favorite cheat meal? Chole Bhature is Delhi-style street food. Kohli in a recent chat with Gaurav Kapur that he enjoys Ram Ke Chole Bhature in Delhi.

Butter Chicken

The cricketer is a well-toned athlete who follows a gluten-free, low – carbohydrate, high-protein meal. The diet is a significant departure from the Indian skipper’s previous eating habits. Virat, a Punjabi at heart, grew up eating butter chicken and chhole, a recipe that was cooked in the house when Sardesai asked. “Well, I’m a decent Punjabi kid who used to adore butter chicken and food overall, so the early days of a regulated diet were tough,” Virat confesses.

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Mushroom googly dumplings

Virat Kohli has opened an eatery called One8Commune at Aerocity in New Delhi, and he has included some of his favorite recipes on the menu. One of them is the mushroom googly dumplings. When he enters his eatery, he never fails to order this dish. Virat likes its flavors and tried it for the first time on his tour. So, after trying this dish, he decided to include it on the menu.

Rajma Chawal (Homemade)

Virat Kohli loves Homemade Rajma Chawal

Virat Kohli enjoys rajma chawal because he is pure Punjabi. Particularly if it was prepared by his mother. During his tour, he said in a statement that he missed the handmade food served by his mother. As a result, every time he sees his mother, he enjoys the Rajma chawal made by his mother.

Paneer Patty with sauce

Kohli in a recent chat asked what would be his favorite cheat meal he said in the morning Chole bature, in Lunch Rajama Chawal and Paneer Patty as an evening snack with hot and sweet sauce.

Dal Makhni and Paneer with Garlic Naan

Dal Makhni and Paneer with Garlic Naan is loved by 99% of Punjabi people and so does adds to Virat Kohli’s Cheat meals. Virat Kohli loves Proper Punjabi food Dal Makhni, paneer with Garlic Naan. But for him, fitness goals are more important than Junk foods. So he prefers eating a High protein Low-carb diet.

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