Self-Motivation is The Key to Everything, Checkout to Know Why?


Self-motivation is an integral part of success in any sphere of life because it is what helps a person to complete a task without giving up, even when it is challenging. There are so many people who start something with zeal but end up leaving it in the middle of nowhere. The reason is plain and simple, lack of self-motivation and discipline to make the end goal meet.

Aim High Fail Better

Self-Motivation is The Key to Everything, Checkout to Know Why?


Michelangelo once said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Most don’t know how big their goals should be. If it’s too small, you will get contended soon and stop. If it’s too big, you will get overwhelmed soon and stop pursuing it. There is a delicate balance between setting a realistic but high goal. Something achievable but only if you work enough. 

The acronym SMART helps. 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely


Staying Self-Motivated

Self-Motivation is The Key to Everything, Checkout to Know Why?

A movie or a book can motivate you for a day or a week, but it eventually fades. This is what makes self-motivation the most effective type of motivation. Here are some tips to stay motivated:

  • Positive thinking: Optimism is the key to believing that you can do something. At the same time, cultivate resilience to fight off failures.
  • Surround yourself with motivated people: Positive energy is contagious.
  • Time-management: Minimise procrastination and avoid it completely if possible. 
  • Positive reinforcement: Don’t punish yourself for missing a deadline, instead, reward yourself for being on time.
  • Compete with yourself: Comparing oneself to others usually ends up doing more harm than good. Remember, your only competition is you.
  • Do a regular SWOT analysis: Work on your strengths, and work even more on your weaknesses. 
  • Adopt a learner’s mindset: The most successful people are learners for life. Never stop on the quest of acquiring knowledge and applying it in real life.

These habits will not only help you stay self-motivated but also pay off in everyday life and shape you up into becoming a great individual from the sloth, you used to be if you are one right now.

Advantages of Self-Motivation

Self-Motivation is The Key to Everything, Checkout to Know Why?

There are many advantages of being self-motivated. First and foremost, it helps in achieving the dreams that most people just talk about. Persistence and consistency are the key ingredients for becoming remarkable in any field of life, and self-motivation fuels the two. Other advantages are:

  • It improves a person’s time management skills
  • Gives a boost to morale and self-esteem
  • It propagates action which in turn help people in taking control of their lives
  • Self-motivated individuals depend less on fate.
  • They tend to be more organized and have clarity of thoughts
  • They have a fixed aim and don’t deviate easily. This makes them resilient in tough times.

And most importantly, self-motivated people keep learning and growing. They always move forward and in most cases, that is what life is all about.


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