How can Body shaming be a destructive trait in relationships?


Some individuals think that creating overweight people feel embarrassed of their weight or food patterns will encourage them to make healthy food choices. Scientific evidence, on the other hand, demonstrates that anything could be further from reality. Body shaming, rather than inspiring people, help them feel bad about themselves, leading them to consume harder and gain more fat.


What is Body Shaming?

Body Shaming is the practice of criticizing and pestering obese individuals about their size or eating patterns to make them think embarrassed of themselves. It is hoped that this will encourage people to consume less, exercise better, and lose weight. The majority of individuals who fat-shame others are slender and have never had to deal with a weight issue.

According to studies, much of the obesity conversation on social media comprises body shaming, which frequently escalates into rudeness and harassment, particularly against women. Indeed, there are entire internet communities dedicated to making fun of overweight individuals.

Stigma and discrimination towards overweight persons, on the other hand, create significant psychological injury and exacerbate the condition. It also makes your romantic relationship toxic, and it can sometimes cause negative feelings in your partner for you.

Stop Body Shaming

How do you deal with a partner that is constantly body shaming you and claims to do it out of worry?

Today we, Flickonclick, are going to share some valid answers from Quora that might help you sort out your toxic relationship problems and will make you independent.

Answer 1.

“If you’ve asked him to stop, and he’s kept on doing this, then he’s inconsiderate and arguably cruel. I don’t think he’s body shaming you, but if you’ve talked about how it makes you feel, he is knowingly causing you emotional distress. That’s not cool.

It doesn’t matter if you’re overreacting or not. Your feelings are your feelings. We can choose not to act upon our feelings, but they are always, always valid.

But if you haven’t discussed it, please talk to him about it. It’s fairly common for people with good intentions to accidentally make other people feel like garbage. If that’s what’s happening, he’ll appreciate you telling him how you feel, and will adjust his behavior accordingly.

Tips for that: Don’t accuse him of wrongdoing, just tell him how those comments make you feel, and that you’d appreciate it if he’d stop making them. Decent guys are usually happy to perform minor tasks like that to make the women they care about happy.

It’s a lot easier for them than trying to meet needs you haven’t told them about. Tends to produce better results for you, too.

Sharing how you feel is important in intimate relationships. Even when we’re being a bit silly, sharing increases intimacy and allows our quirks to be known and tended.

That’s much better than trying to go it alone”- Quora

Answer 2.

“That sounds very unhealthy and bad for your mental health. Body shaming and then claiming it is done out of concern for you is an insidious kind of abuse. Tell your partner to stop the body shaming and that it is abusive. Do not give an ultimatum. You want your partner’s reaction to your statement to be from the heart and not influenced by duress. If your partner doesn’t change after that, move on. Abuse is abuse. If you stay with this person, you may find yourself living in your unhealthy “normal”: daily put-downs and disrespect. By that time you will need counseling” –

Body Shaming Stress

Answer 3.

“The only reason why one would treat his partner in such a way is that he is jealous of her.

You might be more successful than him, or you might be better looking than him, either way, for him to feel better about himself is by demeaning you.

Something you must note, this attitude is ego-driven and most of the time the person is incapable of change.

So, unless you can keep up with it, I’d recommend that you opt-out of the relationship because after a while it becomes too much to bear. You would only end up losing your self-confidence and trust me you wouldn’t want that”-Quora

Answer 4.

“Body shaming doesn’t come from concern. It comes from someone who thinks badly of you. It is a form of emotional abuse. Been there, done that, and let me tell you it only gets worse. You will never be able to have a body that will make this person happy.

I got down to 95 lbs. which is not an appropriate weight for an adult of my height. It still wasn’t good enough. When the emotional abuse isn’t enough, he will most likely turn to physical abuse. You will be so beaten down, you will believe you deserve it.

Save yourself. You deserve someone who cares for you exactly as you are. Leave the jerk who is body shaming you. Do not go back to him, even if he says he’s changed. You can find someone better. Trust me” –

Answer 5.

“Body-shaming covers a wide swathe of ground these days.

So begin by being honest with yourself. Ask yourself if there are grounds to be concerned. Separate your ego and feelings from the question, and ask – should you be concerned?

If yes, thank him, and begin taking action.

If not, thank him, tell him you have considered it and do not believe there is cause for concern, express that this is hurtful to you, and ask him to drop the topic”-


We, Flickonclick, have discussed some of the remedies to the aforementioned issue, and you may be suffering the same dilemma. We do, however, encourage that you give it another chance. If you truly love someone, don’t ruin your mental health and relationship by not sharing your feelings with him or her. Try to explain your issue to them and come up with a reasonable/respectable solution. If you’re clear and straightforward and it’s still not working, then come up with a different alternative, like giving it a break.

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