10 Things We Hear From Our Siblings While Growing Up


A love-hate relationship known to all, a bond between siblings is the one where we cannot do with them and not even without them. Siblings have an impact that shapes our lives a certain way. They spice up our lives by just being in them and our bond with them pre-dates any friendship or romantic relationship that we have in our lives. They are those partners in crime that we do not get to choose just like we choose our spouse or friends and their mere existence can make our journey with them feel like a roller-coaster, with our fair share of ups and downs.

Living and growing up with siblings under one roof can be a source of entertainment or a headache; with love, fights, drama, and tears all served on one platter. With the constant banter, we have all grown up hearing certain things from our siblings.

Here’s a list of 10 things we have heard while growing up with our siblings

  • “Paani lekar aa”

No matter whether you are the younger one or the older one in the house, this particular statement is the core essence of any house that has siblings living in it. With our lazy bums, we always get hold of our siblings to do the basic things for us. No matter if you are far away, with a bottle of water that’s closer to them, they would still scream your name for you to come and hand over water to them.

siblings dialogues

  • “Mummy Papa ko mat batana”

Growing up with siblings we all know it’s either a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. They can either take up your side and help you sail the boat, saving you from the scolding of your parents or they can turn their backs and blackmail you to benefit from the whole situation. Just to be sure that we are on the same page as our siblings, we say and hear this statement innumerable times to get a sense of reassurance.

Angry sister and brother

  • “Tujhe mandir se uthaake laaye the”

If you have not heard this statement growing up with your siblings then we bet your childhood was an incomplete one. The core sentiment of every house with siblings runs on this statement, where the older sibling makes sure that the younger one knows they were adopted and picked up from a mandir or a kachra-peti and brought to the house.

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Sushant and Amrita in Kai Po Che

  • “Thode paise dede”

Growing up in the era of limited pocket money to get us going, we have all seen times where we have gone all broke living and managing our lives with whatever little we had. Scared of not asking our parents, it’s our siblings who come to our rescue and the ease with which we can always ask them for some monetary help to get us through the end of every month.

siblings asking for money

  • “Mere kapde mat liya kar”

A constant game of robbery followed by fights is the ones when your siblings steal your clothes asserting their complete rights in your closet. The constant quarrel about how could they wear your clothes thinking it’s equally theirs makes siblings say this statement more than often.

siblings yelling at each other

  • “Remote Dede”

After World War II, if there is a bigger war that exists, it’s for the remote in a household that has got siblings living in it. The eternal fight that brings out the violent side of siblings in deciding who gets control of the remote is a day-to-day routine that you get to experience with siblings screaming at each other to give the remote to them.

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siblings fighting for remote

  • “Chup reh”

The easiest way to shut your siblings in a conversation is by saying these two magical words. These words hold the power of showing your authority over your siblings and are also an easy way to escape a conversation with them by just shutting them away.

Asian boy shush gesture

  • “Chote ho, chote bann kar raho”

All the younger siblings in the house, we are sure you have heard of this statement at least once while growing up with your older siblings. The constant urge of older siblings to pin you down with this statement to show their superior position is a must in every household.

brother sister arguing

  • “Chal-chal apne baap ko mat sikha”

We all consider ourselves superior to our siblings and think we are a step ahead of them, no matter what the scenario is. The urge to show that we know it all and can ace it all without the gyaan from our siblings makes us hear this statement way too often when we try to school our siblings.

boy rolling out eyes

  • “I’ll be there for you”

No matter how badly you wish to pull your sibling’s hair or throw your tantrums at them, one thing we know deep down is that they are the ones who have always got our back. It will always be you and your sibling against the world when things go down, with them assuring you in the most comforting ways that they will always be there for you.

siblings love

So, take a moment and appreciate your bond with your sibling because no matter what, they are the ones who will always hold you strong when you fall weak.

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