10 Traits Women Observe in a Men Before He speaks


We’ve all been there: you glimpse a lovely woman across a packed bar. So you pluck up the guts to approach them and present yourself. There’s a significant amount of pressure on guys to appear sophisticated and smart, with the ideal opening phrase. What you don’t realize is that women Observe you in ten various ways before you utter your words. Regardless of how beautiful that line is or how cool you are. Your body language may be communicating messages to you that you are unaware of, but she most certainly is.

Dressing sense is one of the traits that women observe in men

Here is a list of the 10 Traits Women Observe in a Men Before He speaks

Hairstyle and Beard:

Your hair is the most prominent feature that represents your image in front of a lady, and it helps enormously her decide if she likes or understands you! Perhaps because it is the most notable physical characteristic of your physique. Most women no longer want unruly or messy hair, nor do they like man-buns, undercuts, or mushroom cuts. The recent trend is to make it basic and aesthetically appealing while still taking care of it! A good shampoo will always do the job! Women don’t mind men with beards as long as they are well-groomed and kept clipped and clean! Yes, a man’s beard is one of the most prominent physical traits women observe!

Muscular body shape:

You knew this, but size does matter. Body size is the first thing that women observe. “Too much or too little of either instantly categorizes the male as undesirable to women and shuts the door before less physically visible qualities (such as confidence) can be evaluated,” But don’t worry, the allowed range is determined by the woman’s age and build.

The smell is the most hygiene factor that women observe in men

How you smell

We discuss a lot about the value of a distinctive scent and for a valid reason: smell influences how people perceive you. Applying a fragrance demonstrates that you not only maintain cleanliness to avoid smelling unpleasant but that you also take steps to ensure that you smell better. It is One of the first things women observe about you is your fragrance.

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Hands and Nails

A man with filthy fingernails is frowned upon! No lady wants to engage in conversation with somebody who cannot keep his fingernails clean! She’ll also note the condition of your nails, and if they’re unkempt or too lengthy for her to manage, she’ll panic a little. Yes, we know that women have long nails, and they may have dual standards, but according to traditional beauty ideals, women prefer males with tidy, short nails.


Beauty is only skin deep, yet it will entice ladies to discover what lies behind it. Attractiveness does contain what you were blessed with, but your genetics cannot eliminate your chances. What matters is how you care for your hair, clothes, hygiene, and basic cleanliness. Women will not work hard to discover further about you if you are unwilling to put in the effort.

Types of shoes you wear mark the first impression in front of women


One of the most important things a man should remember is that his shoes must be highly maintained and polished. The first thing a woman notices is whether a guy’s shoes are polished and clean. So, keep in mind whether you wear branded footwear, they are not worth it if they are dusty and not clean. Running shoes are acceptable, but they should be nice and clean to give the impression that you are well-organized and clean.

Body language 

Women look at your attitude and Body language because it indicates your innate need to be guarded. When a man stood up tall with his shoulders driven back, he appears confident yet brave, in command of the scene, which most women appreciate. It provides them with a sense of safety and protection. However, bad posture or slumping forward with your shoulders dropping down indicates that you’re uneasy, apprehensive, and hesitant, which is a big flip-off. Maintain a proper attitude and Body language at all times.


If you’re dressed badly, you won’t go overlooked. We don’t imply casual wear when we say scruffy; we mean garments that are unclean, disheveled, or not correctly worn. Make sure your shirts are tucked up and that your shirts are never wrinkled. A suit is too professional for this occasion, and chappals are too informal. Choose your clothes wisely for an occasion out because they will undoubtedly increase your factor on the grading card.

women are attracted by sense of humour

Sense of Humour

Women will glance at your grin once they have assessed your entire build. “The capacity to grin, especially in the initial few minutes of the meeting, gives a welcome, non-hostile message to women. There is one condition, however: the smile must display pretty attractive teeth. It’s never too late to make a dentist visit! Yet another incentive to flash those dazzling whites! Women prefer males with the capacity to laugh and make her smile. Make the woman laugh even more. This immediately earns you additional points.


Yes, you read it right! The belt is the utmost trait on a basis in which women observe you and make a prediction about your dressing sense. No matter what type of clothes you wear, Belt should be according to the color of the shoes. Moreover, it should not be scratched, or torn and should be inserted properly into the trouser.

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