10 Interesting Unknown Facts About Kartik Aaryan


Kartik Aaryan, the latest Bollywood sensation who is ruling the film industry with his charm and wit, turned 32 on 22nd November 2022. He has a plethora of films lined up, which makes us believe that, just like in 2022, he will shine bright in 2023 as well. If you appreciate his art and would love to know everything about him, you are at the right place cause we have listed some interesting unknown facts about Kartik Aaryan that you cannot find anywhere else. Keep scrolling to learn about your favourite actor.

10 Interesting Unknown Facts About Kartik Aaryan

1- Kartik Aaryan’s real name is Kartik Tiwari. He was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, to a paediatrician and a gynaecologist. Just like many other Bollywood celebs, he changed his name to exude that aura of heroic nature.

2- He has a degree in engineering in biotechnology. Unlike many other Bollywood celebs, Kartik Aaryan is a self-made star who has worked to cement his place in the film industry. Before he turned into a star, he graduated in biotechnology.

Kartik Aaryan facts

3- Kartik Aaryan had a horrendous experience at the age of four in Karol Bagh in Delhi. He got separated from his family and ended up being lost. It took about four hours to find him back again.

4- Kartik Aaryan is reportedly in a relationship with a Canadian model Dimple Sharma. Rumour has it that he ended up breaking up with Sara Ali Khan due to his closeness with this mystery girl.

5- Kartik Aaryan is a pure vegetarain. We don’t know how but the Bollywood actor has managed to stay away from the glamour industry that thrives on drugs, alcohol and smoke puffs.

6- Kartik Aaryan broke his vegetarian oath when he ate 25 eggs to gain weight for his film Akaash Vani. The director of the film termed the decision as him being highly professional about his work.

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7- He is known to have good culinary skills. Many people do not know that Kartik used to cook for his 12 flatmates during his college days to earn some cash. Talk about being highly talented and self-sufficient.

8- Kartik Aaryan is an avid writer and reader. He hopes to one day turn one of his stories into a full-length feature film. Kartik is also known for writing beautiful poetry.

9- He is highly disciplined. Kartik sticks to a timetable and is very punctual about his work commitments.

10- Kartik Aaryan has said that if there was one superpower he could possess, then it would have been invisibility. He wants to go Mr India on all of us.


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