6 Best Telugu Hot Movies to Watch Online


Telugu hot movies that can raise the temperature and provide guilty pleasure are hard to discover as most online websites are filled with worthless pieces of information. However, here we have found the hottest and sexiest Telugu movies that you can discover online. This list is surely something you can keep a bookmark of as you are going to come across hot Telugu movies that you have not seen anywhere else. These Telugu hot films are filled with everything you need. The hottest Telugu movies have all you may desire from thrill, love, betrayal and drama. Without further adieu, let’s dive right in.

6 Best Telugu Hot Movies to Watch Online

1- Raaj


One of the best Telugu hot movies of all time that features the popular South Indian actress Priyamani, Raaj is a film about a man who marries and lives a happy life. However, when the ghosts of his past concerning his ex-girlfriend come to light, his entire world is shaken, and he must find different ways to deal with all the drama in his life.

2- Babu Baga Busy

This is one of those hot Telugu movies that you will love watching for its enthralling plot. The film follows a man who keeps shifting from one woman to another and considers himself a cool bachelor. However, when he falls in love with a girl, things get very complicated for him.

3- Crrush

This is another one of those Telugu hot movies that will keep you engaged with its interesting storyline. The film follows three youngsters who dream of going to the USA to fulfil their career desires. However, before they actually move there, they want to accomplish a very specific thing in India. If you know what we mean.

Telugu Hot Movies

4- Mr and Miss

One of the best Telugu hot movies to watch online, Mr and Miss, follows a woman who moves to the city after a hurtful breakup. She encounters a man in the city and assures him that she can help him find a job if he can learn English. What follows after that is pretty interesting to watch on your screens.

5- Yedu Chepala Kadha

A man who does not value the need for love in life is involved in various affairs. However, he ultimately falls in love with a girl and realises that he needs to settle down. But a catastrophic announcement changes it all for him. It’s one of the best Telugu hot movies to watch online.

6- RX 100

Last but not least on this list of best Telugu hot movies to watch online is RX 100, which revolves around the affair of a man and a girl who is the daughter of an influential diplomat. When he breaks up with the girl, he goes rogue and becomes highly angry. Will he destroy himself or will he be able to reconcile with his loss and move on?


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