10 Best Money Making Apps in India You Should Try At Least Once


Money makes more money. It’s one of the best sayings which has been confirmed to be true by billionaire investors like Warren Buffet and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. One who never invests his money will always come up short in the future. You can’t just keep your money locked up in some savings to fixed accounts that give you a fixed return as the inflation just keeps on increasing every year and in the end, you won’t even make up making a single dime. To make money one should learn the basics of investing and then start using money making apps in India that are easily available on our phones 24*7. Here we have listed some of the best money-earning apps in India that you should try at least once cause you know the game is made to be played.

However, before we start listing the best money making apps in India you should keep note that trading and all sorts of making money through various apps come with certain conditions and risks that you should ponder over before allowing your hard-earned money to earn wild. Well, now the disclaimer is out let’s get to the best money-earning apps in India right now.

best money making apps

10 Best Money Making Apps in India

1- Google Opinion Rewards

This is easily one of the best money making apps in India. The easy and simple method of earning money on this app does not require you to have any sort of investing or trading knowledge. You just have to answer the survey questions that Google asks and you will start earning rewards and money which you can use later on to buy anything you want. However, it does take some time before the money reaches an adequate amount and you have to be persistent to start making money through this app in India.

2- EarnKaro

You can become an affiliate seller with this money-earning app. You can generate your affiliate links for the products listed on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon and more and when someone shops through your link you will get a percentage of that particular purchase. It’s one of the best money making apps in India.

3- U Speak We Pay

This is one of the latest and most trending money making apps in India right now. This money-earning app allows people to earn money by recording their voices which is then later used to train artificial intelligence all over the world. You can choose from many languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi and many more.

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4- Task Bucks

This is one of those apps that allow people to earn by having a little bit of fun. Task Bucks allows its users to play games and complete tasks for which it rewards points which can be later converted into cash and used for shopping on various e-commerce sites. This is one of the best money making apps to earn money in India without much hassle.

5- Swagbucks

This money-earning app is quite similar to Task Bucks. However, Swagbucks offer a wide range of tasks than Task Bucks. Here you can solve quizzes, puzzles and riddles to earn money easily. The structure of the app of paying cash to its users is identical to Task Bucks. It’s very reliable and easy to use which makes it one of the best money making apps in India.

6- Current Rewards

This money-earning app is also task-based. However, you get easy cash from this app by listening to your favourite music from your favourite artist and radio stations. Also, there are many quizzes as well in this app which allows you to earn money. This is one of the most popular money making apps in India due to its interesting procedure and elusive rate of paying.

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7- Pocket Money

Just like its name this app allows you to earn pocket money. The maximum amount that you can earn from this app is about US $7000. You can make money on the app by watching videos, completing tasks and playing tombola. With this app, you do not have to worry about being scammed as it is tried and trusted which makes it one of the most reliable money making apps in India.

8- Sheroes

If you are a woman who is unemployed and wants to find some remote work from the comfort of your home to start earning money then this is the mobile application for you. This is one of the money making apps that brings a completely changed dynamic. This is only made for women and women can find other women on this app who are willing to work and earn money.

9- Taurus

This is an interesting money earning app as it allows you to earn money by playing games for just the duration of five minutes. You can play multiplayer games as well with your friends which will allow them to earn easy money as well. This is easily one of the best money making apps in India right now.

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10- Rupiyo

Last but not least on the list of the best money making apps in India is Rupiyo which is designed for people who want to earn by playing games like spinning the wheel. People who believe that they are high on luck should definitely consider trying this app at least once in their lives.

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