10 Best Mobile Apps for Lockdown period


In the period of lockdown, people are forced to live a sedentary lifestyle. Nothing much to do, they have to visualize and create a time table, far different from before.

And it is hard to find quality entertainment when you know that you have tried everything. Smartphones, PC, TV movies and Tv shows bind you for hours to binge-watch them. 

So instead you can have something that will not only consume less time at one go but also get you to stick to them till you complete a phase.

So here we have a complete list of best mobile apps for lockdown period. These apps are top Chartbusters of 2020 on Google Play Store and iOS Store and will help you get your mood fresh in quarantine.


TickTick is the most downloaded time table application which helps the user enhance their productivity.

Easy to use, create tasks and notes, to-do list reminders, habit tracker and sync across different OS are some of the seamless features you will get.


Calm is a mediation app that lets the user set the background music while doing yoga or workout.

Having more than a thousand titles of different music styles such as Nature, Rain, Thunderstorms and Wind, Calm helps you concentrate on your daily tasks and help in increasing efficiency.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a mind-boggling game you can expect to beat you. The game structure is simple: get the water to the crocodile before time runs out (or your patience will). Though, Where’s my Water? 2 is launched, but the first edition is better.

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Hear Me

Recently launched, Hear Me is an online voice messaging app where users can share feelings, views, anger, depression or joy with anyone without knowing who or from where the second person is. Hear Me connects people from 190 countries online.


If you’re hungry and bored from eating normal stuff, then Tasty is the best option. The app promotes different styles of cuisines, recipes and simple ideas on how to make the staple food more delicious.

Step Set Go

It may seem like a step counter is a boredom in complete lockdown but it isn’t. Step Set Go brings you the opportunity to earn money by simply walking.

The app produces coins for the steps you walk on every day. With features like daily rewards and weekly challenges, you can buy directly from the in-app bazaar.

Energy: Anti Stress Loops

Anti Stress Loops is one of the highly recommended apps in this lockdown. If you remember the joining of circuits to make a path for current from source to a device, then you are in for a treat.

With 100+ levels, strong graphics and daily challenges, it is a must-download app.

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QuizUp is the world’s biggest trivia game. You can play in illustrated categories such as general knowledge, logos, sports, Harry Potter, Disney, action movies, internet, video games and much more, for a nail-biting, quick and real-time match of trivia. 


MadLipz is the top entertainment apps for 2020. It lets you create dub smash videos on every famous character, dialogue or quote.

Adding to this, you can share them on your social accounts and have fun. This calls for an evening fun time!

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Sleep Cycle

It’s time to end the day and you have to sleep. But when you are quarantined, things tend to move slow. You feel dizzy all day.

Sleep Cycle helps you count your sleeping hours, manage your alarms, and report the statistics in chart form. Also, it provides soft background music to help you sleep faster.

According to our research these were the 10 best Mobile Apps for lockdown period. Comment your favorite ones below!


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