10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India


Mobile apps are one of the best and smartest ways to build a brand presence. It can help a business gain potential customers quite swiftly and may also help a brand in reaching out the people who may not have access to a brand’s products through other means. Features of mobile applications can help a business to grow its enterprise in the right direction through the feedback of the people. The latest technologies are game changers and mobile apps have significantly enhanced with new functions over the past couple of years. There are many mobile app development companies in India that claim to build secure mobile applications which can help businesses grow their brands.

However, in this pool of hundreds of mobile app development companies across India selecting the one which fits your requirements best can be a hard task. It is essential for mobile development companies to have the proper knowledge of programming languages, coding, tech stacks, tools and resources that are used in the development of mobile applications. Here we have listed the best mobile development companies in India that satisfy all these basic criteria and promise several other technological benefits that can definitely help a business establish its unique position in the market. So without further adieu let’s dive into our list of the best mobile development companies in India.

Best Mobile Development Companies

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India Right Now

1- Graphketing

One of the best mobile development companies in India, Graphketing is comprised of experienced and professional mobile applications that help to create multi-level solutions. At Graphketing operational efficiencies are kept as the primary goal to help cut costs and build a reliable mobile application that can handle any business’s specific requirements. They have worked with several companies in the past and have developed a presence as one of the industry leaders when it comes to mobile app development. Graphketing uses standardisation, robust technologies and mobile-first thinking to help businesses bring their ideas to life by developing secure mobile applications.

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Contact mail: contact@graphketing.com​

2- Digiflick

Digilfick primarily started as a digital marketing agency but over time it has started to be considered among the best mobile development companies in Delhi, India. This digital marketing agency has already helped several brands create their own unique image in the digital world by developing mobile applications that have been a huge hit among people. Digiflick consists of highly motivated and ambitious software and app developers along with QA testers and more who are aiming to be the industry leader.

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Contact mail: contact@digiflick.in

3- Webandcrafts

Webandcrafts is a well-known name among mobile development companies in India. This company has worked with Federal Bank, IKEA and Star to emerge as one of the most reliable mobile app developers in the country. In addition to mobile app development, they also provided web development services. The team at Webandcrafts consist of young motivated tech professionals who are highly proficient in coding languages, QA testing and other skills that are needed to make a great mobile application.

Contact mail: info@webandcrafts.com

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4- ValueLabs

ValueLabs specializes in digital enablement, software product development and data technology. It is a trusted technology partner to over 250 clients globally, serving them from 26 offices worldwide using its OneCompany model of engagement. In addition to mobile app development, they provide data analytics services, enterprise support and product development. It is one of the finest mobile development companies in India at the moment.

Contact mail: kamesh.vemuri@valuelabs.com

5- Key Ideas Infotech

Key Ideas Infotech claims to employ state-of-the-art market innovations and the newest coding strategies. This allows Key Ideas Infotech to enhance and speed up memory allocation, reduce repetitive data, encrypt sensitive data, and other improvements to the app. They boast of a good portfolio which you can check out on their website. Key Ideas Infotech states that its professionals can offer you the best services for react-native mobile app development, whether you want a backend React-native app or an entire app audit. It is surely one of the best mobile app development companies in India right now.

Contact mail: sales@keyideasinfotech.com

6- Xee Design

With expertise in the development of mobile apps for Android, and iOS that are suitable for B2C, B2B, & B2E businesses, XEE Design has already developed several mobile applications for various sectors ranging from entertainment to health care. XEE design claims to build intuitive mobile apps having powerful backend technology that offer a great user experience. It definitely deserves to be on the list of the best mobile development companies in India.

Contact mail: info@xeedesign.com

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7- Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is ranked as the number one web development company and mobile app development in the USA and India on the clutch. It has taken the mobile app development world by storm this year. Hyperlink Infosystem is known to design eye-catching mobile apps with innovative technologies. Moreover, they stick to strict timelines and have a reputation for competing for their projects on or before the time. So, if you are looking for one of those mobile app development companies that can help you provide a mobile app in a short amount of time then this is the place for you.

Contact mail: info@hyperlinkinfosystem.com

8- Kellton

Kellton is a pioneer in the world of mobile app development companies in India. The enterprise aims to deliver apps that can boost your business’s growth and help you connect with the buyer to ultimately transform their clients into an intelligent digitally connected business. Kellton combines domain expertise with cross-industry mobility experience to build app solutions that facilitate enhanced productivity. This is definitely one of the best mobile app development companies in India right now.

Contact mail: ask@kellton.com

9- Fueled

Awarded app of the year by Apple, Fueled is one of those rare mobile app development companies in India whose products have processed over 10 billion dollars in transactions. They have developed significant partnerships with unicorns like Compass and Warby Parker as well as partnerships with big corporations like Google and Verizon.

Contact mail: hello@fueled.com

10- SunTec

Last but not least on the list of best mobile app development companies in India is SunTec which aims to reduce your product’s time-to-market, minimize app uninstallation rates, and enhance engagement, conversion, & retention with accessible, performant, and secure applications. SunTec claims that the mobile apps developed by them can help you achieve a well-implemented and successful mobility solution, replete with intuitive interfaces, robust architectures, innovative technologies, and advanced features.

Contact mail: info@suntecindia.com


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