Which food is better Baniya food or Punjabi food?


India is the land of delicacies, with thousands of mouth-watering dishes from hundreds of cuisines. However, a few cuisines are much more famous than some other cuisines due to their reach and a wide variety of foods. Punjabi food is loved all over Northern India not just because of its absolutely delightful taste but also due to the love that it spreads. On the other hand, Baniya food is loved by the communities of middle India and a few regions surrounding Delhi due to its easily prepable but healthy and flavourful dishes.

Punjabi Food

punjabi food

Who doesn’t love gorging on the Amritsari Kulchas, Pindi Chole, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and many more Punjabi delicacies? However, Punjabi food is not just limited to the popular dishes available in the market on every nook and corner. Punjab has a culinary diversity so vast, consisting of so many dishes that it is almost impossible to try every one of them in one lifetime.

Healthy Punjabi Food:

Sarson da Saag, Makke di Roti, Dal Makhani and Masala Chana are a few of the many Punjabi dishes that will have you drooling but will also positively impact your health. Filled with nutrition and vitamins, these dishes will help you build more muscular physiques. Don’t you often wonder why almost all Punjabis have bulky yet athletic figures? Well, now you know the secret ingredient behind it.

Popular Punjabi Food:

Chicken Masala, Amritsari Fish, Butter Naan, Chole Bhature and Dal Tadka are some of the famous Punjabi foods that everyone in North India is fond of. These dishes will satisfy almost all the taste buds and have you craving more and more. Also, foods served in Gurudwaras are extremely popular for their unique richness of flavour and familiarity that is inexplicable in words.

Punjabi Sweets:

Punjabi sweets comprise a great variety of delightful dishes that are bound to soothe your cravings for dessert. It includes Pindiya, Panjiri, Atte ka Halwa, Meetha Puda and many such recipes that will take your breath away. Try them if you want to enter a realm of happiness free of any worries and tensions.

Baniya Food

baniya food

While Punjabi food is popular in North India, Baniya food is more famous in regions surrounding the middle of India. Baniya food includes easily made recipes that do not require a bunch of masalas and ingredients needed to make Punjabi cuisine. Baniya food does not involve using ghee and oil in considerable quantities to prepare the dishes, making it a healthier option compared to Punjabi delicacies.

Healthy Baniya Food:

One thing that Baniyas can boast of is the number of proteins, nutrients and vitamins present in their food. For instance, Panchmel ki sabzi is a cuisine that includes five different vegetables used in combination to prepare a delicious serving. Bajre ki khichdi is another one of the foods that will help you feel better if you are ever unfortunately sick.

Popular Baniya Food:

Bedmi Puri, Dal Pakora, Dalbhari Roti and Buttermilk Curry are only a handful of popular dishes Baniya cuisine harbours. Even the popular Baniya food is healthy, unlike the popular Punjabi cuisines full of masalas and oils. However, in taste, the Punjabi food is no doubt superior.

Baniya Sweets:

Baniya sweets fare well in comparison with Punjabi sweets. Badam ka Halwa and Meetha Chawala are two of the most popular and beautiful sweets that will increase your appetite after the main meal. The variety is lesser concerning Punjabi sweets, but the quality is on par with its counterparts.

Here is a fun video from Zomato to indulge in the Punjabi vs Baniya food conflict:

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