Wish Disney Movie Review: A Fantastic Animated Musical Fantasy Film

Wish Movie Review: From the stunning animation to the memorable characters and the resonant themes, "Wish" emerges as a magical and enchanting cinematic experience that will leave a lasting impression on audiences of all ages.


“Wish,” the 2023 animated musical fantasy film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, is a cinematic masterpiece that combines magical storytelling, vibrant animation, and a stellar ensemble cast. Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, with a screenplay by Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore, the film takes audiences on a captivating journey through the enchanting Kingdom of Rosas.

At the heart of the narrative is Asha, a spirited 17-year-old portrayed by the talented Ariana DeBose. The film begins with Asha returning to her homeland after the death of her father, immersing viewers in a world where wishes are both currency and control. Chris Pine takes on the role of King Magnifico, the ruler who holds the power to grant or deny the wishes of his subjects, setting the stage for a story that unfolds with layers of magic, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams.

One of the film’s notable strengths lies in its captivating animation style, seamlessly blending computer animation with the nostalgic charm of Disney’s historical watercolor animation. The result is a visually stunning experience that transports audiences into the vibrant and magical realm of Rosas. Each frame is meticulously crafted, bringing the characters and the kingdom to life in a way that engages the audience from start to finish.

Ariana DeBose’s portrayal of Asha adds depth to the character, making her relatable and empowering. Asha’s determination to save her kingdom from an impending darkness becomes a central theme that resonates throughout the film. Chris Pine, as King Magnifico, brings complexity to the narrative, portraying a ruler whose control over the citizens’ aspirations raises thought-provoking questions about power and its consequences.

The supporting cast, including Asha’s loyal friends and the charismatic Valentino (voiced by Alan Tudyk), contribute significantly to the film’s charm. Each character is thoughtfully crafted, drawing inspiration from classic Disney archetypes while infusing a fresh and modern perspective. The camaraderie among Asha’s friends and their interactions enrich the storyline, creating a dynamic ensemble that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Wish Disney Movie Review: A Fantastic Animated Musical Fantasy Film

The film’s artful integration of music further elevates its appeal. The catchy tunes, especially during the captivating “I’m a Star” sequence, showcase the musical prowess of the cast. Rochelle Humes makes a delightful cameo in the UK version, embodying a villager with aspirations of becoming a ship captain. Vocal cameos by Yvette Nicole Brown and James Monroe Iglehart add an extra layer of magic to the musical composition, making it a standout feature of the film.

While “Wish” touches on familiar Disney motifs, the execution, character development, and the incorporation of modern elements distinguish it as a delightful and relevant addition to the Disney animated canon. The central theme of reclaiming one’s wishes and breaking free from oppressive control adds a layer of depth, exploring themes of empowerment, friendship, and the consequences of unchecked power.

As the plot unfolds, Asha’s journey takes on a universal resonance, reminding audiences of the importance of hope and the pursuit of dreams. The film skillfully balances traditional Disney storytelling with innovative elements, creating a spellbinding experience that appeals to both Disney enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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In the climactic sequences, the film explores the consequences of Magnifico’s unchecked power. The corrupted ruler ascends the castle’s tower, sapping the power of every wish in Rosas. The animation masterfully portrays the struggle between Magnifico and Asha, with the stakes reaching a crescendo. The character of Magnifico, brilliantly voiced by Chris Pine, undergoes a transformation that adds layers to the narrative, showcasing the impact of unbridled ambition.

The resolution is equally impactful as Asha, with the support of her friends and the citizens of Rosas, challenges Magnifico’s dominance. The strength of their collective desires overpowers the ruler, sealing him in his staff and freeing the people of Rosas to pursue their wishes independently.

In its entirety, “Wish” stands as a spellbinding journey that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. It not only entertains with its engaging plot, vibrant characters, and musical brilliance but also delivers a poignant message of hope and the significance of pursuing one’s dreams. From the stunning animation to the memorable characters and the resonant themes, “Wish” emerges as a magical and enchanting cinematic experience that will leave a lasting impression on audiences of all ages. Disney has once again delivered a timeless tale that captures the essence of storytelling magic.

Wish 2023 Movie Review
Wish Disney Movie Review: A Fantastic Animated Musical Fantasy Film
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