Why Zomato’s 10-Minutes Food Delivery Is The Talk Of The Town?


Zomato has recently announced the launch of Zomato’s 10-minutes food delivery scheme. Sometimes food delivered right on your doorstep is all you need, don’t you? After a hectic day, eating your favorite dish sitting on your couch while watching your favorite show sounds amazing. 

Zomato’s New Scheme
Zomato’s New Scheme

Moreover, with the boost in the digital era and the change in the customer’s preferences, the food-delivery apps have also gained tremendous popularity and success. 

Zomato’s 10-Minute Food Delivery Scheme

And keeping in mind the increase in the food-delivery business, Zomato has recently launched a new scheme. Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal tweeted about this new scheme on Monday. 

Today is such a time, where you can expect delivery of necessary items within 10-minutes. But who would have thought that you can now get your food deliveries at your doorstep in just 10 minutes as well? 

According to this scheme, some specific food items will be delivered within 10-minutes to the customers. But, there’s a catch here. Food items like chai, coffee, momos, etc. are liable for deliveries.  

How Will This Scheme Work?

Although the announcement was done on 21st March 2021, this scheme will come into action from the next month. Initially, Zomato plans to launch this scheme in Gurugram the next month. And will later expand to other cities as well. 

For this, Zomato plans to set up around 20 to 30 ‘finishing stations’. You will find these finishing stations at many high demand locations. And in these stations, dishes that are high in demand from various restaurants will be cooked. 

So, if you are in Gurugram in the upcoming month, and you crave some really popular dishes there, your dish will be delivered to you in 10 minutes only. Additionally, this will be the first food delivery system in India that claims to deliver food in just 10 minutes. 

Zomato Faces A Lot Of Criticism For This Scheme

On Monday, Deepinder Goyal tweeted about this scheme. But, the company immediately had to face a lot of criticism from the public for the same as well. 

Now, the main reason why Zomato’s scheme is getting trolled is because of the lack of safety concerns of its delivery partners. Many people on social media have stated that this 10-minute delivery scheme is dangerous. 

Among these trolls is the cyber security expert Jitin Jain. He tweeted, “10 minutes sounds amazing as a customer. But honestly, this would surely make your delivery staff tense and reckless. Am sure, 30 minutes is worth waiting for delicious food arriving at our doorsteps.”

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Zomato’s Reply To The Trolls

After getting a lot of negative responses from the public regarding the safety of the delivery partners, Mr. Goyal tweeted a response to the trolls. 

On the morning of 22nd March 2022, Deepinder Goyal tweeted, “Hello Twitter, good morning. I just want to tell you more about how 10-minute delivery works, and how it is as safe for our delivery partners as 30-minute delivery. This time, please take 2 minutes to read through this (before the outrage).”

He also mentioned that there will be no penalties for late delivery. Moreover, he said that a few finishing stations will be also be helpful. 


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