How to setup and use Whatsapp Pay in India for Android and iOS users ?

How to use Whatsapp Payment

WhatsApp is the nations’ messaging app; everyone’s to-go-to app. Whenever anyone says, share the image or text, it comes out as WhatsApp. Recently, Whatsapp had launched Whatsapp Pay which is based on National Payments Corporation of India; a Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Due to pandemic, digital payments have increased at a very faster pace. Not just increased, people are adapting to it so that they follow the social distancing norms by the Government. This COVID 19 outbreak has paved the way for contactless payments which are commonly known as digital payments. Earlier this feature was for a limited set of beta users, but now it is publicly available for everyone.

However, you must be aware of different instant payment apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, etc. But if your phone has storage problems and you wish to delete the unnecessary apps then Whatsapp Pay is the one for you. T

he most amazing feature of Whatsapp Pay is that the money is directly transferred and credited in the bank account of the receiver. And, as you transfer the money to the respective WhatsApp user whose number is already linked with the bank, then you don’t need to enter virtual payment address or IFSC code or bank account number.

This WhatsApp feature is accessible to both iOS and Android users. It is being backed by great banks like HDFC, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India & Axis Bank.

Whatsapp payment Interface

How to set up and use WhatsApp Pay?

Following are the steps you need to follow to set up WhatsApp payments interface :

  1. Firstly go to your settings option in WhatsApp and then click on Payments.
  2. Under the head of the Bank Accounts, click on add new account option.
  3. Accept all the terms and conditions.
  4. Now click on verification via message and follow the requisite process to initiate UPI linking.
  5. Furthermore, select the bank account which you need to use for WhatsApp payment.
  6. In case your bank account is linked and associated with the same WhatsApp number from which you sent the message; text pops up displaying “UPI SETUP COMPLETE”.

How to send money on WhatsApp?

Following are the steps you need to follow in case you wish to send money via WhatsApp:

  1. Click on the chat of the person to whom you wish to send the money.
  2. Now click on the attachment icon and then on Payments.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send.
  4. Enter the PIN and click on send. The money will be credited directly to the beneficiary’s bank account.

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How to receive money on WhatsApp?

Following are the steps you need to follow as to how to receive the payment via WhatsApp:

  1. If at all the user is requesting money from another user, click on Request.
  2. The person from whom you are requesting needs to accept your request.
  3. Whenever someone sends you the money, WhatsApp will notify you of the same.
  4. Moreover, you can check your bank account balance too to confirm the receipt of the money.

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