Possible After-Effects of Coronavirus In Future


The pandemic would definitely leave footprints on the society and its possible after-effects will be visible in the forthcoming future. The Coronavirus outbreak has changed how we work, play and learn. Institutions are closing, sports leagues have been canceled, and many people have been asked to work from home. 

According to the reports, The number of cases of the novel coronavirus across the globe crossed the 1 million mark as the global death toll topped 50,000. Every country has hit hard to taste dirt on the economic ground. As of the Union Health Ministry, India has reported over 3,000 COVID-19 cases with 77 deaths. 


Since the beginning of this spread, people are witnessing drastic changes in their lifestyle. From social anxiety to eating disorders, all comprised in the arc of ‘Phase change’.

Bowing heads and elbow bumps instead of the normal procedure of shaking hands while greeting has become the new normal as the government warns the public not to shake hands, seems pretty funny sometimes, right?

Public Gatherings

From events to festivals to tourist attractions, organizers and executives are doing the best at going to limit public gatherings. 

This might have saved them ample time, but result in building depression and anxiety which is hard to cope up.

Closed School and Offices

Due to the outbreak, people are forced to live and work from their homes. Many schools and colleges have postponed classes. And for time being, the classes have been moved online. For the working sector, many private companies have implemented the telework system.

According to reports, around 136 million job holder has a fear of losing. Employees who miss out on having a regular paycheck and without a written contract are going to face hardship. Businessmen will have to keep paying salaries without income for at least two months. And of course, upcoming businesses will mostly be based on digital operations since we have all realized the need for the same during this phase.


People have crossed their minds to stock up for the future. That is why more imbalance in resource distribution is observed. Subsequently, the price of basic commodities such as packed food, fruits, and vegetables has seen a measurable rise. Medical supplies including sanitizers and medical face masks recorded 50% higher sales.

As for public safety, law and order have been provided at every famous area to avoid misuse of resource allocation. Police have been appointed to look out for people leaving only for necessary actions. Social distancing in these areas is also to be checked off. 


India is insulated from the global economic chain and to that extent, impact over India’s exotic trade economy will be less. According to an insider, there will be a hit of 0.3-0.5% on the GDP in the next fiscal year. Gold prices and crude oil costs (per barrel) have seen a significant difference from before.

If we look over upcoming monthly predictions, there is a forecast of a 6-6.5% rise in FY21, according to the Economic Survey reports. So overall, India, being an international integration in the global economy, will face challenges in standing straight once again.

Fear and Anxieties

People who loved outings are now bound to practice social distancing. They now live more in their home than average time spend before.

Due to the global outbreak, people are forced to follow some of the daily routines for every day. And this time table regulates mood swings and create anxiety in their mind. 

This calls for keeping your mind busy. Do follow social media and actively participate to update yourself with facts. Try new things and observe changes within yourself. And always find ways to use your inner anxiety for productive use.

We urge you not to be intimidated by thinking about the future, we’re all in the together. Everything shall fall into the place once this is over. Stay home, stay safe and stay aware.

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