7 Jobs That Won’t Be Affected By AI In Near Future

From Psychogist to AI Engineers- 7 Jobs that AI can't replace.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving at a scary pace, and it has caused a lot of distress in the job market as people are worrying whether their profession will go out of fashion in the near future. If you are someone at crossroads in your life about choosing your career and want to know the professions that can thrive even when the AI fever runs wild in the job sphere, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we have listed a few occupations that will require humans to do the work even after the rapid evolution of AI in the near future. However, truth be told, there will come a day when almost all jobs will become possible with the use of AI, but that day is still pretty far in the future, and our generation can actually avoid the threat of AI by choosing our career paths a bit diligently.

7 Jobs That Won’t Be Affected By AI

1- Psychologist

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Even though AI is evolving at a rapid pace and is acquiring a few human traits with time, the day when AI can actually have an emotional sense that can rival a psychologist is still more than a few centuries away for sure. Psychologists study emotional, cognitive and social behaviour to interpret people’s responses in relation to their environment, and they are able to do so because they are themselves humans and can empathize with the needs and emotions of their patients.

2- Lawyers

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Lawyers don’t just only use the written laws and rules but also use the situation and the current evidence in front of them to reach a conclusion which can save their client in the courthouse. AI can definitely remember the laws better than the lawyers and come up with some of the best arguments ever, but it can never think on its feet and come up with creative arguments just after discovering a new piece of information. Also, a person would not feel comfortable with AI handling their case as it lacks empathy and emotional intelligence. Definitely, the jobs of lawyers are not going to be affected by AI in the near future.

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3- Product Manager

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

AI can surely study the market patterns and analyze what may work for a company, and come up with suggestions for new products, but the end product is still gonna be a hit or miss. A product manager studies the market and interacts with the target consumers in order to get their preferences and taste and guide his team towards the direction which ultimately fulfils the demand of targeted consumers. This job requires phenomenal leadership and communication skills that AI is still lacking. Product managers can surely breathe easy for the time being as AI is not coming after their jobs in the near future.

4- Investment Banking

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Investment bankers provide financial services to companies and individuals. They guide their clients by advising them on the best possible uses of their funds in the current state of the market. Their investment strategy is based on the current flow of the market and changes almost every day with the changes in market sentiment. Artificial Intelligence has not progressed to a level where it can study the ongoing market patterns and come up with the best financial advice. The jobs of investment bankers are likely to be unaffected by AI for a long time to come.

5- Professional Athletes

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Sport is made fun to watch by the people who play it. People watch sports to support their favourite teams and players. Even if AI can play all the sports better than humans, it won’t reach the level of excitement that can be generated when a few human professionals compete. Sportsmen have nothing to fear right now, as AI won’t be able to snatch their jobs away in the near future. The exhilaration that human sports provide is second to none, and this profession will certainly continue to thrive.

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6- Doctors

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can surely suggest the best medicine and the best operative measure for a patient, but it cannot develop a human connection with the patients. People need to have trust in their doctors and surgeons to have that ray of hope for surviving. However, the lack of emotional intelligence in AI will never allow it to replace doctors. Even if AI attains emotional intelligence, most humans would want their doctors to be humans as they can feel a sense of reassurance when they are with a human who is taking care of them.

7- AI Engineers

7 Jobs That Won't Be Affected By AI In Near Future

Lastly, the AI engineers who are responsible for developing, programming and training the complex networks of algorithms that make up AI so that they can function like a human brain are the ones whose job AI can’t take away. These people are in the business of making AI better, and the better the AI gets, the better their chances of earning more with their job. AI engineering is going to become one of the most popular professions in the near future.


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