Top 33 Saree Poses for Girls Photos Inspired by Bollywood Actresses


The Indian traditional wear saree is recognised as one of the most beautiful dresses that a woman can wear. The vibe that a saree ooze is hard to find with a western dress. Bollywood actresses have often rocked the saree poses at global award ceremonies to take the breath away of their fans around the globe. Even western celebrities have started to wear sarees as it has again become a fashion statement.

Janhvi Kapoor Saree Poses

A good saree can never go out of fashion, and if you are looking to click the best photos in some striking saree poses, then you have arrived at the right place. This article lists the best saree poses showcased by Bollywood actresses that will make you look like a true diva in front of the camera.

Alia Bhatt saree poses

Here are some of the best saree poses for girls to click the best photos at important events:

1- Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra’s Couple Saree Poses

Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra recently got married in a beautiful ceremony that became the highlight of almost all of the Bollywood news portals. The couple’s beautiful saree poses made the headlines as the photos came out absolutely perfect and inspired the trends in weddings in India.

2- Kiara Advani’s Elegant Black Half Saree Pose

Kiara Advani nailed the half saree pose in this black saree for the photoshoot of the Tabloid magazine cover. She shows off a classy look, and her beautiful smile makes the pose completely fantastic.

3- Kiara Adavni’s Pose With Her Mum

Kiara Advani sent the internet into a frenzy when she uploaded this beautiful picture in a saree with her mother on the occasion of her wedding. She looks mesmerizing, and her happiness is definitely translated into these photos. Kiara captioned the pic, “Happy Happy Birthday to my loving, caring, praying mother.. I am blessed to be your daughter.”

4- Deepika Padukone’s Iconic Saree Pose

Deepika Padukone was a topic of hot discussion when she shared the photos of her saree poses for the Cannes Film Festival. The black and golden saree looked perfect on her, and she made a fashion statement with that on the worldwide stage. Also, there was a bit of criticism about her make-up, but the Bollywood diva knows how to own it.

5- Deepika Padukone’s Stylish Saree Poses

This colourful saree that Deepika Padukone opted to wear for a photoshoot looked absolutely amazing on her when she struck a few excellent saree poses. Bollywood’s number one diva shows perfection with her look in these pictures.

6- Anushka Sharma’s Vintage Saree Poses

Anushka Sharma surprised everyone with her cameo in the Netflix film Qala. She appeared in the song, “Koi Kaise Inhe Ye Samjhayen” in a beautiful white saree and achieved the best vintage poses ever. The Bollywood actress looked absolutely perfect in these black-and-white photos.

7- Anushka Sharma’s Trending Pose

This is one of the most viral and trending poses of Anushka Sharma in a light green saree. She is inspiring many girls to ace the saree poses with elegance and grace. It is the absolute pinnacle of acing the saree looks.

8- Anushka Sharma’s Traditional Saree Pose With Her Mum

Anushka Sharma recently made an appearance at an event in a dark red saree. The event was also attended by her mother, and she made sure to click a photo with her mother in the most adorable saree pose ever. There can be no better pose than this to click a picture with your mum in a saree.

9- Janhvi Kapoor’s Old School Saree Poses

One of the hottest Bollywood actresses, Janhvi Kapoor, is the definition of glam with her looks nowadays. She recently posted these black and white photos in the old-school saree poses. The young talented actress looks completely flawless.

10- Janhvi Kapoor’s Hot Saree Pose

Janhvi Kapoor showcased how you can achieve hotness in a traditional saree. She chose a car to strike this hot saree pose that has now gotten viral on social media. If you are a girl going to a significant event in a car then you should definitely consider clicking some photos in this saree pose.

10- Janhvi Kapoor’s Hot White Saree Poses

Janhvi Kapoor hot white saree poses have been the headline for quite a few days. Her hot photoshoot in this saree is inspiring many women to become the sexiest version of themselves in a white saree. One can easily turn a simple traditional saree into a sexy dress by just posing in a certain manner.

11- Janhvi Kapoor’s Viral Festive Saree Poses

Janhvi Kapoor and saree poses is still a better love story than Twilight. She is grace epitomized in this Pongal saree look. Janhvi received favourable comments on this post of her on Instagram, as many girls loved her poses in this traditional saree.

12- Janhvi Kapoor’s Hot Saree Photoshoot

Janhvi Kapoor posed in this lavender saree for the Peacock Magazine cover. She looks fabulous, and her beauty is taken to the next level by the saree poses that she chose to go with for the photoshoot. You can also give these poses a try if you want to click some trendy pictures.

13- Janhvi Kapoor’s Traditional Saree Poses

Janhvi Kapoor recently starred in a critically acclaimed survivor drama Mili, and for the promotion of that movie, she chose to wear this traditional blue saree. Her candid saree poses are now among the most sought-after poses in India right now. You can also steal many hearts by clicking photos in this saree pose.

14- Janhvi Kapoor’s Sexy Saree Poses

Janhvi Kapoor’s sexy saree poses in this white saree with a hot blouse design front that has no straps is just simply perfect. She has that aura of sexiness that many Bollywood actresses fail to channel while wearing a saree. Janhvi is an inspiration to all the girls out there when it comes to posing in a hot and sexy manner in sarees.

15- Janhvi Kapoor’s Bad-Ass Saree Poses

Janhvi Kapoor mesmerised her fan with a hot saree photoshoot on the occasion of Diwali. She chose to be a bad-ass diva in this saree look and posted some of the best pictures that you can certainly use to create your own photoshoot style.

16- Janhvi Kapoor’s Viral Hot Pose

Don’t blame us for not getting past Janhvi Kapoor’s poses, as she is the Bollywood actress who loves to flaunt her photos in a saree on Instagram. No other Bollywood diva has recently posted these many pictures in a saree. This is another hot viral look of her that you can try.

17- Shanaya Kapoor’s Attitude Personified Saree Poses

Shanaya Kapoor is an upcoming Bollywood actress who has already achieved stardom because of her insane beauty. The hot actress knew how to slay a saree. She recently uploaded a few pictures from a photoshoot in which she struck some of the attitude-personified saree poses.

18- Shanaya Kapoor’s Diwali Saree Poses

The festival of love and lights, Diwali, is celebrated in a grand manner in India. Most women dress up in beautiful sarees and hope to click a few good pictures to remember the night. Shanaya Kapoor showcases the best saree poses that you can strike on Diwali to get the best out of your Diwali saree look.

19- Shanaya Kapoor’s Sultry White Saree Poses

The young B-Town actress Shanaya Kapoor surprised everyone when she uploaded pictures in sultry saree poses on her social media handle. She sets the bar high when it comes to oozing hotness in a saree.

20- Shanaya Kapoor’s No-Look Saree Poses

Shanaya Kapoor’s no-look saree poses are inspiring the trends on social media. She shows how to strike a candid look in a saree. The green saree looks perfect on her, and we are completely in awe of her beautiful pictures. Definitely, a must-try saree pose.

21- Shraddha Kapoor’s Adorable Saree Poses

Shraddha Kapoor is synonymous with adorable in Bollywood. She aces the satin saree look in some of the best saree poses that you can find on the internet. These poses are must try for every girl to click the best pictures.

22- Shardhha Kapoor’s Red-Hot Saree Pose

One of the hottest Shraddha Kapoor saree poses that are going viral on the internet is the look that she showcased in the song of the Bhediya movie. If you are planning to wear a red saree, then you should definitely try this pose.

23- Shraddha Kapoor’s Diwali Pose

Shraddha Kapoor Diwali saree pose is among the best looks that you can try on this Diwali to shine the brightest. It is surely a pose that will make you the talk of the town.

24- Alia Bhatt’s Pacifying Saree Poses

There is a unique sense of calmness in this Alia Bhatt white saree picture. Her serene beauty takes over, and her saree does not overpower her natural beauty. She knows how to carry a saree in the most graceful manner ever.

25- Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s Couple Saree Poses

Alia Bhatt looked gorgeous in this yellow saree and struck an adorable pose with her husband, Ranbir Kapoor, to deliver one of the most iconic saree pictures ever. The duo can take anyone’s breath away with this pose.

26- Alia Bhatt’s Saree Pose With Her Pet Cat

If you are someone who has a pet and wants to click photos in saree poses that can also include your pet, then you can take inspiration from Alia Bhatt. On her wedding day, she chose to click a photo with her pet cat in the most adorable saree pose ever.

27- Alia Bhatt’s Satin Saree Pose

Satin saree can never go out of trend. Alia Bhatt aced this look and posed in a lot of styles to inspire many young girls out there. Her aura is of a confident woman who knows how to be hot and graceful at the same time.

28- Kriti Sanon’s Confident Saree Poses

Kriti Sanon is a young and confident Bollywood actress who recently took on a challenging role in the film Mimi and completely aced the movie with her acting skills. Her confident saree pose is a must-try for all the girls who want to click some photos in a saree.

29- Kriti Sanon’s Bold Saree Poses

The young diva Kriti Sanon does not shy away from clicking photos in the most daring and bold saree poses. She rules this hot black saree with her finesse and panache. She is just absolutely on top of her game in these saree pictures.

30- Kriti Sanon’s Couple Saree Poses

Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan posed a couple for a photoshoot. The Bollywood actress wore a black saree and perfected the hot and cute look. Their couple saree poses are a must-try for a newly wedded couple.

31- Kareena Kapoor’s Gracious Saree Poses

Kareena Kapoor Khan still carries herself like a true diva. She is a fashionista who makes a statement with her every look. Her recent saree poses in this traditional pink Indian saree have set the internet on fire.

32- Kareena Kapoor’s Nawabi Pose

Kareena Kapoor Khan married Saif Ali Khan, who is literally a Nawab, and since then, the fashionista in her has become quite royal. The Nawabi saree pose completely justifies her title of being the Nawabi daughter-in-law of Sharmila Tagore.

33- Kareena Kapoor’s Confident Saree Poses

The confident saree poses of Kareena Kapoor from the wedding of Ranbir and Alia has gone viral for all the right reasons. In these pictures, she channels her inner Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and shows that no one can be more confident than her while wearing a saree.

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