Special Sweets For Holi You Can Try This Year


The Holi season is here. Though the festival is known for the colors and pooja, sweets for Holi are definitely not far on the list. 

Everywhere people prepare tasty food items, and this includes numerous sweets. You must have also seen sweets prepared especially just for Holi, right?

Sweets For Holi
Sweets For Holi


Sweets For Holi 

You will find Thandai, Gujiyas, and other different sweets in almost every house. Not only this but in many places, there are sweet making competitions also during Holi.

Moreover, people gift sweets to others while greeting them on Holi. This is also another reason why people prepare a large number of sweets.

Now, generally traditional sweets like Gujiya, Malpua and many more are prepared. But, this Holi you can try some very unique yet equally tasty sweets at home. 

Special Sweets For This Holi

Here, is a list of tasty sweets that you can try preparing this Holi. 


Sharkarpara can be served both as a sweet and snakes. Now, this sweet is made with very basic ingredients like wheat flour and sugar. Although you will also need to add in chashni or sugar syrup to it. 

One advantage of shakarpara is that when stored in an airtight container, it becomes really long-lasting. For a healthier sweet, use jaggery powder instead of sugar. 


Who does not love a really soft rasmalai, right? Now, rasmalai is nothing but balls of cottage cheese that is mixed in thick milk syrup. 

Moreover, you can have both hot and cold rasmalai. You can also add some dry fruits on top of it if you like. 

Besan Laddoo

Besan Laddoos are sweets that people love to have any time. The ingredient that makes the laddoo so very special is mawa. 

Furthermore, you must have seen people preparing a large number of besan laddoos. This is because they can be stored for a long period of time. Additionally, it is also very healthy to have besan laddoos during winter. 


Kheer is India’s, traditional sweets. This sweet is nothing but rice pudding.  

No matter where you go, or what festival it is, you will always find a bowl of kheer on your plate. 

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Coconut Laddoo

This amazing sweet is not only really tasty but is also very healthy. Coconut is good for your skin and hair. Therefore, eating coconut laddoos serves two purposes.

These laddoos are made with grated coconut and condensed milk or mawa. These two ingredients are mixed together in a bowl. Later this mixture can be made into small balls.  


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