Things You Can Do In September That Gives You Pure Joy


With us already landed in September and just four months away from 2023, time is running by in the flick of an eye. The constant feeling of doing everything and still not doing anything makes us feel drained out. With a lot on our plates, we forget to give time to things that seem to be small but hold good value and serve happiness in our lives. Doing these things might seem trivial but it brings sheer contentment doing the smallest of things with a genuine thought.
We suggest that you gear up yourselves this September and do things that bring you pure joy and get you going giving you a break in your monotonous life.

Here are 10 things that you should not forget to do this September that gives you pure joy



  • Shop For the Upcoming Festive Season

Things You Can Do In September

With September kicking in, we know it is the onset of festivities that would keep us on our toes from now on. Get yourself pumped to splurge money by hitting the markets that are loaded with all things happy and bright. Get your wardrobes a change by adding a few things here and there. This is the time when the streets light up, welcoming the festivities in full swing and a bunch of enthusiastic souls out there, exploring the vibrancy of markets that are there to serve you everything under the sun.


  • Dive Deep into the Pool

It is September and yet the scorching heat of the sun is keeping us all mad to date. It is a good call to get in your swimming costume and take a plunge in the blues and beat the heat to calm your body and mind. Dive deep into the cool waters of a pool nearby and see all your stress get released away in a matter of time.


  • Scream Your Loudest at a Karaoke

Gather your tribe and set the vibe by heading to a karaoke and screaming the best of songs on top of your voice. Karaoke is a good and unique way to bond and has a good time with your friends and family where no one cares how good of a singer you are. Even with the worst possible voice, we assure you that you will end up having a great time there.


  • Make All Long-Due Calls to your Friends and Family

We get so engrossed in the hustle-bustle of our everyday lives that we forget to check up on our closest ones. Days go by and we lose track of time as to when we last spoke our hearts out to our closest ones. This September, keep everything aside for one day and pick up your phone and get on a calling spree, letting yourself loose by speaking about anything and everything under the roof with your friends and family.

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  • Head Out for a Sunrise Hike

There is nothing more satisfying than the first rays of sun hitting your face with a spectrum of colors that blend beautifully in the sky. The morning sky is a vibe in itself and the peace and calm that it brings with itself along with the subtle breeze are unparalleled to anything else. Find a hiking spot where you can head out with your group of friends and walk up to the point that lets you free your soul effortlessly. A cheap and sure-shot way to find happiness, this September make sure to take this hike.


  • Eat Your Heart Out

As we are heading into the Winter season in a matter of time, we need our bodies to fuel up with some extra calories to help us get going during these chilly times. Put a stop to your fitness regime and open your heart to binge on some lip-smacking food that you have been avoiding all this while. Check out for a food fest happening near you or just get to a nearby food truck to fill up your heart and tummy with food that will soothe your soul.


  • Ditch a Day of Your Daily Routine

As we are approaching the end of another year that challenged us mentally and physically, take a step back from your usual routine and breathe a bit for yourself. Let things go and do not try to hold each and everything. Go to a spa or burn out your calories, but release your energies in September which isn’t far from the year ending. Take a day out for yourself and spend some time in solitude to analyze the year that is steadily passing by.


  • Pick Up a Hobby of Your Choice

It is high time that you pick up the hobby you have been planning to pursue but could never really invest the time into. Ending the year with regrets is the last thing that a person would wish for so hone your skills and feel the inner happiness and contentment of finally doing something out of pure interest and pleasure for yourself. We bet you won’t regret this.

No matter what you choose to do this September, just make sure that you put your heart into it!

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