10 Filmy Romantic Things That Are Creepy AF In Real Life


With romantic flicks getting us all in the feels, there are times we immerse ourselves in them beyond a point and go overboard with all that they are showing on-screen. It is only when the effect of the movie subsides that we realize that the things shown and prophesized in the movie can be creepy if it happens to us in real life.

With action movies coming with a disclaimer of “Do not try this at home”, they should be romantic movies instead that should come with such disclaimers as doing and imitating those things in real life can put you in some serious trouble!

Here’s a list of 10 filmy romantic things that are creepy AF in real life.

  • Refusing to Give Up on Someone Who Doesn’t Like You Back

Unnecessary, obsessive, and unrequited love is something that is kept on a high pedestal in movies and is romanticized for no reason. Being consistently after someone is more of a creepy thing than a passionate one. To be after them for years, with them suddenly realizing their love for you is far from reality rather than romantic.

refusing to give up

  • Stalking Their Way Out

We are all aware that being stalked by someone can get us on our nerves and leave us scared and traumatized. The cool depiction of stalking in these movies in the name of showcasing the protagonist’s love and persistence is something that is not acceptable in real life and comes off as a really big no that people should avoid on all levels.

man stalking a woman


  • Persistently Pursuing the Ex Who is Not Interested Anymore

Just relentlessly following the ex and wanting to be a part of their life because one cannot take NO as an answer is not a sign of true love but something that should completely be off the charts in real life. Consistently pursuing the ex might look romantic and make you go OMG when you watch it in movies, but it can very much hamper your mental health if it happens in real life.

Hand depicting NO

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  • Over The Top Proposal in Front of Absolute Strangers

It might just come off as a romantic thing to outpour your love and bring out a dramatic proposal in front of an absolute bunch of strangers in the movies, but in real life, it can be overdramatic, making one extremely conscious and eventually kill the vibe of your intimate moments, taking away all the privacy and making everything look creepy and cheesy rather than romantic.

awkward public proposal filmy romantic things that are creepy af


  • Playing Loud Music Outside Someone’s Window

We are all aware of the fact that as romantic and filmy as it may look on-screen, in real life, we would have a bunch of raged-out neighbors who would be blasting us off to turn down the music if we play that at a blaring volume in front of our lover or friends’ window at any given hour of the day.

disturbing someone constantly

  • Throwing Stones at Someone’s Window to Gain Their Attention

It might come off as a romantic thing to pelt stones at someone’s window to shower love at them during odd hours of the day and gain their attention but it can only be romanticized and perceived as a normal thing in movies. Well, if someone happens to take this approach in real life, we all know the poor fate they’ll meet with, bearing the consequences of their senseless actions.

throwing stones at someone's window for attention

  • Love at First Sight

As romantically possible movies make this scenario seem to be true, it is not possible in real life to just wake up one fine day, find the love of your life on a random street and decide to love them, make them agree to love you and spend the rest of your lives together. It is not just creepy to instantly fall this hard for someone in real life but it can come off as an act of harassment too.

love at first sight filmy romantic things


  • Closely Talking to Each Other

Being as close as two inches apart, talking and whispering right in each other’s face might just be a romantic thing to watch on screen but in real life, it can piss you off bad. The breath of someone right on your face can be a total vibe killer and not something that one should be romanticizing in real life.

whispering in ear

  • Watching Someone in Their Sleep

We all have fallen for this trap while watching people do this lovable gesture in movies but the hard truth is that it can be extremely disturbing if it happens to us in real life, leaving us all crept out instead of feeling loved. Waking up in the middle of your sleep to find someone outrightly staring at you is an unsettling scenario to think of and should be off your list of romantic gestures.

man watching woman sleeping


  • Wanting to Spend Every Second with Your Partner

Partners giving space to each other is a sign of a healthy relationship which is often shown in a different light by romanticizing the excessive involvement of partners in each other’s lives and their undying desire to spend every second of their day in each other’s presence. In real life, it is not just something that isn’t considered romantic but is toxic and something that people completely disregard.

Fed up couple

We hope the movies that you watch won’t let you fall into the trap of things that they romanticize on the screen, which can just outrightly be creepy in real life.

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