Then VS Now Photos of Famous Indian Cricketers Everyone Should Watch


Indian Cricketers have transformed themselves to attain glorious feats for Indian cricketing fans. Cricketers have become more fit and flexible after the introduction of the Yo-Yo test as the essential criteria for getting selected for the Indian cricket team.

However, it’s not just that Indian cricketers have become fit. They have also become more stylish and trendy in the past few years. Cricketers like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya constantly change their appearances with different hairstyles and fashion senses.


Here are some famous Indian cricketers who have changed considerably over time:

MS Dhoni- He used to have long hair in the starting phase of his career but then went bald after winning the 2011 World Cup but changed it up again to sport a trending haircut now in IPL.

ms dhoni indian cricketers


Virat Kohli– He used to keep it simple with a clean-shaven face but now is never seen without a beard and his stylish haircut.

virat kohli indian cricketers


Sachin Tendulkar– The little master was a skinny looking teen when he made his first appearance on the international level. However, he has completely changed his look and gained considerable healthy weight as well.

tendulkar indian


Sourav Ganguly– Former Indian captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly used to keep a moustache in his heyday as a cricketer. Nevertheless, he has changed for the better since then.



Rohit Sharma- The hitman was a timid lad when he made his debut for India but now he commands the Indian team with an absolutely fearless attitude.

rohit sharma


Rahul Dravid– The wall of Indian cricket is now the head coach of the Indian cricket team. His appearance is still the same and might deceive you about his age.

rahul dravid


Hardik Pandya– The famous Indian all-rounder proves the fact that success and fame can transform anyone’s look and attire. He has entirely altered his appearance.

hardik pandya


Yuvraj Singh– The man of the ICC tournaments for India, Yuvraj Singh has become a dashing personality with the passage of time.

yuvraj singh



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