Review: Sakhshi Tanwar’s Mai Season 1


Mai season 1 is one of the most popular series this month. And if you haven’t watched it yet, add it to your list now. 

Mai is a story about a mother who lives an ordinary life. But, the story takes an abrupt turn when she witnesses the death of her daughter. Now, initially, it appears to be it and run case. 

Watch Sakhshi Tanwar’s Latest Series
Watch Sakhshi Tanwar’s Latest Series

But, Sheel Chaudhary, played by Sakshi Tanwar soon realizes that the case is not what it seems. And this is when you see Sheel, an ordinary mother take drastic steps to uncover the truth of her daughter’s death. 

Mai Season 1 Review

Mai is a crime thriller that you cannot miss. Here, we get to see how the parents cope with their daughter’s loss so differently. 

The series is about a normal family in Lucknow, whose lives take a difficult turn. This happens after their daughter’s death in an accident. 

On one hand, you can see that after Supriya’s death, her father chooses to ignore the loss. But, on the other hand, you can see Sheel become determined to know what caused her daughter’s death, 

As Sheel finds that the son of the truck driver who hit her daughter is admitted to a boarding school during the mid-term. She becomes more and more suspicious of the accident not being one. 

Furthermore, in discovering the truth, Sheel also comes to know that her daughter might have been involved with some underworld scam. Moreover, you will also see that because of her determination Sheel also finds herself involved in the medical scam.

Sakshi Tanwar’s Role In Mai

One of the best things o look forward to in Mai is Sakshi Tanwar’s performance. Even if you haven’t watched this series yet, you must have heard great things about her in Mai. 

You will see that Sakshi’s character as Sheel develops tremendously throughout the series. Moreover, she is a character with flaws who learns from her mistakes as well. 

Mai means mother. And in this series, we see how Sheel who was living a normal life, takes great trouble in finding justice for her daughter. 

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Furthermore, you will see how she transforms into a different person altogether because of her determination. You can see this as the series progresses, as she is too focused on unveiling the truth. And because of it, she ignores her family, who is also grieving. 

With an amazing plot twist at the end, this is a series that you should definitely watch. This is a story about retribution and revenge by a mother. A story about a Mai who wants nothing but justice for her daughter. 

So, watch Mai season 1 now, as you will surely leave waiting for the second season. 


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