The Flash Cast Salary: Here’s How Much Ezra Miller is Taking Home

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The Flash is an upcoming DC superhero movie that is scheduled to be released in the theatres on 16th June 2023. The movie is a highly awaited superhero film and is made on a massive budget of around US $250 million. A huge chunk of this budget money is spent on the salaries of The Flash cast members. Here we have covered everything you need to know about The Flash cast fees.

The Flash Cast Salary: Here's How Much Ezra Miller is Taking Home

The Flash Cast Salary

Ezra Miller plays, the titular character of the superhero The Flash in the film, is being paid a huge amount of US $4 million for his role. Sasha Calle plays the female version of Superman, referred to as Supergirl in the film, for a salary of about US $500,000. Michael Shannon reprises his role of Zod from the film Man of Steel in The Flash for a salary of US $1 million.


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Ron Livingston plays the father of the superhero Flash in the film for a fee of about US $100,000. Michael Keaton plays the role of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in The Flash, for a huge salary of around US $2 million. Despite his limited appearance in the film, he is getting a great amount of money. Ben Affleck is also expected to be seen in the role of Batman, but the details regarding his salary are yet to be received.


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