Spice up your monotonous weekend with the 7 best gaming arenas in Noida


Are you and your buddies constantly debating where to go and what to do in Noida? Haven’t we all become tired of going out to dine, drinking, and then returning home? Where we believe there are little things to do other than go around some gloomy malls, which might be uninteresting at times unless you like to shop. Noida, on the other hand, has much more to provide like gaming arenas. The Noida place has some insane out-of-the-box options that you may not have known of before, and once you learn about them, you’ll want to cross them all off your Wishlist. Flickonclick has merged one of the best gaming arenas in Noida that are worth visiting on weekends.


Here is a list of 7 gaming Arenas in Noida that will spice up your boring weekend

  1. Ski India

Ski India in Noida

It is India’s premier snow adventure playground and is also located in the Noida region. This entertainment and thrill park is spread over one lakh square feet. It is one of the best gaming arenas in Noida that you must visit with your friends and family to have the experience of a lifetime. The sci-fi-themed snowy park in the DLF Mall of India, which includes ice skating, sliding, and other activities, is a highly fascinating and one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary. With fantastic music playing throughout the stadium, you can have a little dance scene as well, and with constant snowfall, the area is worth your time. The experience is completely unique and a lot of fun.

  1. Great Indian Venice Mall

Great Indian Venice Mall Noida

The Great Indian Venice Mall needs to be your one of the next gaming arenas in Noida for two apparent factors: Gondola Rides, Zip Line, and North India’s biggest Trampoline Park. Individuals are going nuts over the Mall’s recent introduction of India’s premier indoor zip lines.  Grand Venice is India’s first Venetian theme-based major tourist attraction, combining enchantment, intrigue, and love with Venetian grandeur. Gondola rides provide views of the incredible reproductions of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Fountain de’ Trevi (The Melody Fountain), and Bell Tower (Light tower). The Gondola Ride costs Rs.300 per individual and Rs.900 for a group of four, while the Zip Line costs Rs. 500 per individual and the Flying Fox costs Rs. 700 per person.

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Smaaash is one of the best gaming arenas in Noida

SMAAASH has to be one of the best gaming arenas in Noida to explore with pals! The SMAAASH lane is at the top of the list for the finest gameplay experience. Not only for games, but also for bowling, go-karting, cricket, and other activities, SMAAASH is a contemporary indoor entertainment unit that you’ll become addicted to and never want to leave! The establishment also features a food parlor on the premises to satisfy your food demand, implying that they intend to keep you inside solely! So, what are you holding out for?  start planning your next trip to these wacky and exciting locations to hang out in Noida.

  1. Hamleys DLF Mall of India

Hamleys DLF Mall of India

Prepare to be amazed by the world’s largest Mirror Maze at Hamleys DLF Mall of India Noida. The experience is a thrilling trip through the universe of illusions. It begins with an Infinity Mirror Room and progresses into a mirror maze. It’s precisely like any other game, but twice as difficult. The experience is designed specifically for parents and children, taking into account the mechanics of time, attention, and engagement.

  1. Tingaland

Tingaland Noida

Tingaland is the most exciting play zone, full of adventure, fun, and wisdom. We produced this one-of-a-kind product to Enjoy, Dance, AND Gain knowledge in response to the requirements of today’s youthful parents and children. Tingaland is the only unwired destination where we seek to keep children engaged through exciting no-tech programs for their social and intellectual growth. The more they #goplay and expend their energy through physical activities, the better they will learn.

  1. Mystery Rooms

Mystery Rooms Noida, Play best Horror games here

Mystery Rooms is a hard competition against the clock in which the only goal is to get out of a themed area before time runs out! Consider being trapped in a thrilling environment with your group, with only 60 minutes to utilize reasoning, solve puzzles, uncover hints, and demonstrate the strength of teamwork to build your route to escape. It’s as simple as it is difficult. everything you require to flee is waiting for you within the room! Simply analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions. It is one of the best and most spooky gaming arenas in Noida.

  1. The Gaming Vegas

The Gaming Vegas is one of the best gaming arenas in Noida

For a wonderful weekend with the children, visit The Gaming Vegas of Noida. This glittering, pulsating indoor theme park is appropriate for children of all ages as well as families keen on bowling. In fact, there are distinct bowling lanes for children under the age of nine, with huge clowns vomiting the balls. With roughly 50 activities to select from, the entire amusement park is rather neatly split into distinct theme-based zones. The junior bowling lane, which is a really creative component of this gaming arena, is the favorite among smaller youngsters. There are a variety of video games available, ranging from those that provide an adrenaline rush as you race automobiles and bikes, ski in snowy terrain, or just fire your targets to hit a bull’s head.

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