Find Online Versions of Monopoly Right Here.

Find Online Versions of Monopoly Right Here.

When it comes to a reliable game for family and friends, Monopoly remains the most popular dominating global board game sales. The history of this timeless game can be traced back to 1903 when Elizabeth Magie, an American anti-monopolist designed a game to explain the tax theory of Henry George. Today, aficionados can register at Monopoly megaways bingo sites and place bets in the hope to win real cash. The good news is that Monopoly is transported to online gaming sites to enable avid players to share excitement and happiness at their convenience. If you want to play Monopoly online, here are the common online versions of this game.


Rento Fortune

One of the well-known monopoly games available on online gaming sites is Rento Fortune. This free online Monopoly-like board game is played by 2 to 8 players. However, you can choose the solo option and play against the computer if you want to have fun alone. The game objective is similar to the classic monopoly but instead of a real state theme, your mission is to buy and bid for countries. Your goal is to acquire the monopoly and make the computer or other players bankrupt. To win Rento Fortune, you need to be clever because you have to trade lands, build various houses, and win auctions. One of the main reasons to make Rento Fortune seductive is the different boards including customised dice, pawns, different houses, and more.


Another web-based monopoly variant that supports more than 20 players is Capitalista. The game is designed for those who want to become great businesspeople. Actually, Capitalista is one of the popular online monopoly versions. You can choose between single-player and multiplayer options as both promise excitement. The goal of the game is to become the greatest monopolist and push other players out of the game. In Capitalista, you need to be the best trader who is able to apply several strategies. In this online game, each player takes turns in rolling the dice virtually in order to move the items. If the chance is on your side, you land in the events that provide huge prizes. For instance, if you land in a city, you need to purchase or rent it. Capitalista monopoly can provide tons of fun to online players.

If you enjoy the classic board game, designed with colourful graphics and stunning animations, you should pick The web-based monopoly format is inspired by the classic monopoly but the main differences come to topics, designs, and format. aims to become the richest who can purchase big houses around the world. For example, you can buy big houses in America, China, France, Italy, and more. It deserves to mention that you don’t need to install the game as you can play it on your browser. The standard is available to players up to four. If you have money, you have to buy as many properties as possible. However, stay vigilant as your opponents may take your money or property. Roll the dice in the hope to settle into a big property!

Monopoly-themed casino game

As monopoly is a simple game but can provide thrilling, the casino software developers find inspiration in this game. The slot game providers are usually inspired by the monopoly theme to seduce more and more players. This game enables you to play the original Monopoly board but they feature several options to spice up the gameplay. In general, they come with different features namely Free spins and other bonus rounds. Each of the iconic Monopoly-themed slots is original in its own way, which provides potential winnings through the different features. Some of the popular titles include Monopoly Megaways created by Big Time Gaming, Monopoly Electric Wins slot from WMS, Monopoly: Bring the House Down from Barcrest, and more. Apart from the slot-themed slot, you can play Monopoly Live. As its name indicate this game can be played by multiple players at the same time in a live casino.


Since its initial release in 1903, playing monopoly has become a part of people’s life around the world. Different versions of the game spread in the gaming market, from the classic to the sophisticated ones. This game’s popularity has been transferred to the online gaming sector, with countless variants and editions. The casino providers use a monopoly theme on the casino games with improved designs and functionalities. From slots to live monopoly, new games are launched on a monthly basis to meet the players’ expectations.


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